It’s All in my Head

Yesterday you gave me enough stars to light up the world and I thank you for every single one of them.  I’m feeling so great about the stars that I might delete the star option, because I think I’m attached to the stars in an unhealthy way.  You know?

Of course you don’t know, because you are normal.

I am not.

For the past 4 days I diagnosed myself with psychosomatic flu symptoms.  I woke up during the night Monday/Tuesday shivering and hurting everywhere, including the bottom of my feet, so I went downstairs, took three Advil, and returned to bed.  I thought about taking my temperature, but I didn’t feel like I could stand long enough to find the thermometer.  My thermometer always hides.  It’s easier to run to the drugstore and buy another than it is to find the one already in my house.

For the past four days I’ve oscillated between shivering and sweating and I’ve suffered terrible body/head aches.  I told my husband I was projecting sickness onto myself because I wanted to be back on vacation with my family.

Truth.  100%.

Then I picked up the phone and called my aunt because I used the grater attachment she gave me for my Kitchen Aid mixer, Fiona.  She said she had a virus all week and hoped we didn’t get it.

And all along I thought I was crazy.

“I got it.  I got it!”  I yelled.

Same symptoms.

What can I say?  Sometimes I get the diagnosis wrong.  I have been guilty of doctoring without a license.  Thankfully I’m not crazy after all.  Not this week anyway.  I have a virus, the same one my aunt and her neighbor have.  I will live to misdiagnose myself again.  Praise God.

So I’m spending the weekend chained to my washing machine.  After two trips to the laundromat, FringeMan figured out how to fix the dryer.  He’s so handy like that.  I love a man who can fix my dryer.

I’m really sick, not just crazy sick, and my dryer is working.  Life is pretty good.

I have an exciting weekend of folding laundry ahead of me.  How about you?

Any big plans??

And tell the truth, have you ever thought you were imagining yourself sick or am I the only one?


9 thoughts on “It’s All in my Head

  1. Piglet in Portugal

    My hubby is terrible. If he goes near anyone with a cold he is convinced he has flu 20minutes later. If I’m ill I keep quiet, purely because if I tell him I’m ill he will be ill and I like to be ill in peace.
    Joking aside,

    I do hope you are feeling better soon :)x

  2. DJ

    Poor Baby!!! Do be gentle with yourself. Even after you’ve made a recovery, so you don’t have a relapse! Rx : rest, naps, rest, naps, videos, naps, chocolate, naps, cookies, rest, drinks, rest, chocolate….OK, you get the idea… 🙂

  3. AmberPamper

    I rarely ever get sick (I guess this is a good thing?) but I sometimes secretly wish I did so I could have an excuse to lay in bed all day eat, watch movies, and nap.

  4. Mom

    I think it is because I never gave you sympathy when you were sick and made you keep on going. Now you tend to ignore your symptoms.

  5. Bryn

    I’m actually pretty good about talking myself out of being sick! I always tend to feel better after a hot shower and a cup of coffee, even if I feel like crap when I get out of bed. I was part of the star shower, I love your blog, I just never noticed that feature until you said something!


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