The Age of Invention

Hat Invention

I often wonder how some of the great inventors of old managed to create anything without duct tape.  It seems the perfect substance.

My son has used up so much duct tape, I feel like I should send him to live with the Redneck Chic.  First the wallets and now this!

In case you’re wondering what “this” is, it’s your ordinary all-purpose hat.  It comes complete with a fan in case you’re hot (or someone sitting near you is hot), a light for when you want to go spelunking (or take a trip into the back of the closet), and it has a hands-free drink machine.  This hat is fashion meets MacGuyver, and it’s all held together with duct tape.

This hat comes complete with two battery packs, one for the light and one for the fan.  I believe he also has a pocket for a batter charger.  What more could you need?

It’s the hat of the future!

Do your kids like to make things too?  I honestly believe my son enjoys taking toys apart and using their pieces more than he enjoys the toys.


11 thoughts on “The Age of Invention

  1. Domestic Goddess in Training

    Loving your son’s hat!!

    My son also loves taking things apart… but he would rather my husband put them back together. LOL.

    My daughter is the one who steals the duct tape and other stuff around the house to make things. She usually is making things for her American Girl dolls… couches, beds, clothes, iPods and more. The girl is obsessed and when she is not making things for her dolls, she is watching Youtube videos of other kids making things for their dolls.

  2. tckk

    My oldest daughter loves duct tape. I’ve seen her tape a favorite pair of tennis shoes so she could keep on wearing them. She’s too funny!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      No. I’ve never seen the Red Green Show. I don’t have cable and I don’t get reception, even with all the fancy digital antennas we tried rigging around the house, so I have Netflix. If it’s not old, chances are good I’ve never seen it. It’s now on my “must watch one day” list though. 😉

  3. berryprose

    What a brilliant kid! He is inventive and creative. We too have probably bought out the entire inventory of duct tape on the east coast. My daughter makes wallets, and lot and lots…and lots of bows. her most practical is the flower pens. I love mine and she has an order to make another from her grandmother. Is really is the best invention of all (besides the little sayings on the Dove chocolates).


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