It’s like Gag-Me-With-A-Spoon & Go on a Cruise WIWW

It’s What I Wore Wednesday again and I’m participating.  If you’re new around The Domestic Fringe, you may be wondering why in the world I would post a cheesy picture of myself just to show you my outfit.  Well, I guess I have a few reasons.

1.  I’m a dork.

2.  I’m a girl, but not all girls are dorks, so don’t misunderstand me.

3.  I enjoy going through The Pleated Poppy’s list of WIWW participants and seeing what all the girls are wearing in blogland, because it’s kind of like having a million sisters, or being in high school and playing dress-up in the mall.  You know the deal – gather all your friends and swarm the fitting room with armloads of clothes you never intend to buy.  It’s fun.  If you’re a girl.

4.  There are only so many days my husband can see me in yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

That’s it.  I feel like there should be a fifth reason, because I like the number five and I hate the number 4, but I can’t think of anything else at the moment.  So, here goes.

Gap Striped Maxi

I forgot what day I wore this dress, but that’s not really important.  I can guarantee it was during this last week.  It’s a maxi from the GAP and I bought it at summer’s end last year.  In reality, I think I bought it more into the onset of winter, because it was on final clearance (no returns) and with tax, I paid less than $20.  That’s a good deal in my book, especially since they have the same dress out right now with blue and white stripes and it’s $74.95.

I will admit, floor length horizontal stripes are probably not the best idea for my body shape, but sometimes you have to wear a dress just because you like it.  I like stripes.  It’s my downfall.

Lucille Ball NecklaceI’ve been wanting to show you this necklace forever.  It’s very cute (cuter in person) and it’s made really well.  I know the girl who makes them and she has an amazing variety to choose from. If you’re a Hunger Games fan (or any other book/movie fan), you must visit.  You can opt to leave the wood back painted or unpainted, but I love painted.  It finished it for me.

They are super-reasonable too.  Pretty designs and a great price.  Can’t beat that.  You can find her shop HERE.

She’ll make customs designs for you and everything.  I gave a few as gifts this Christmas and they were a hit.  Do stop by and tell her I sent you.

Next up – FringeKid.  She’s never shy in front of a camera and strikes a post naturally.  Sometimes I think my baby must have been mixed up at birth and I brought home another woman’s (probably a models) child.  I smile cheesy and put my arm behind my back because I don’t know what else to do with it, but FringeKid always knows.  She’s camera ready!

80's Fashion Child

She thinks 80’s hair and side pony-tails are like totally awesome, gag-me-with-a-spoon kind of cool.

To give her some volume, I attempted sock curls.  It’s so simple.  I used four of my socks (knee socks) and divided her hair into four sections, one on each side and two in the back.  She slept on the curls all night and in the morning she had this hair.  So adorable!

It really worked well, but all the curl fell out by the time she came home from school.  Her hair is fine and pin straight and I’m used to working with hair that you have to fight with a machete and tame with weed killer.  I’m a bit at a loss when working with her hair, but I am trying.  I think I will add some curl enhancing gel next time and see if that doesn’t add a little staying power.

Any suggestions are welcomed.  After all, she does like her some big hair.

A fashion nod to the 80's

Here’s another fashion nod to the 80’s.  If only they would make stirrup pants again…

Kidding!  Don’t break out into cold sweats just yet.

FringeMan took this picture.  It’s me saying “What?  Don’t smile?  Really??”

He’s fancying himself my personal photographer and he would not allow me to smile.  A smile did not fit into the look he was trying to capture.  What’s next, I ask?

Are your eyes crossing from the polka dot shirt and thatchwork coat?  Don’t look too closely.  You may leave blinded and I’ll bear that guilt forever.

Coat is Ann Taylor Loft (lots of years ago), Blouse is Kmart clearance (I’m fain-cy like that), and the jeans are a story (originally from Macy’s, but bought on closeout at a local shop).  Oh, and the shoes are Miz Mooz.  Love em.

And yes, I’m wearing a shade of odd neon (ish) purple lipstick.  Again, sometimes a girl has gotta wear it just because she likes it and not because it’s fashionable.

Fresh Produce Summer Cotton DressThis is me pretending I’m about to go on a cruise.  I was playing dress-up, because it was cold and rainy outside and I had a fire going in the woodstove, but living in a fantasy world is nice sometimes.

My aunt is having a hearty-tack over all the colors I’m wearing; however, I matched the sandals to my toes to my necklace, so really the only pop of color is my bag.  It’s a big pop, I realize, but that’s how I justify things in my head.  Be glad you can’t read minds.

Cruise Dress Fresh ProduceI’m pretty much in love with this cute little cotton dress from Fresh Produce.  Have you seen their line of clothing yet?  It’s adorable.  They have an entire line of cruise dresses, and you all remember that I know all about cruises (read my cruise story here).  I’m wearing the Sunshine Dress in Augustine.

Here’s why I love it:

1.  It’s cotton.

2.  It’s easy, just throw it over it over head, no fussing involved.

3.  It’s washable – always a plus when you live in my house.

4.  The little ruffle on the bottom flounces up and down when you walk down a flight of stairs.  So cute!  I’d buy it just for the ruffle.

The only thing I’m not thrilled with is the price-point for their dresses.  I think they are slightly high for a casual cotton dress, but this is completely subjective.  I’ve been stuck in a clearance rack for one too many years and I think that’s showing.

Here’s the message Fresh Produce sends on their tag.

“Fresh Produce clothes are made especially to fit you and your lifestyle.  We hope you find yourself wearing them on all your favorite days – as you laugh with friends, play with family, and enjoy life’s sweetest pleasures.”

I think that sums up their spring clothing line perfectly.  I can just imagine myself laughing, playing, and enjoying life in this dress.  Hopefully it will be on a beach with lots of sunshine and lounge chairs.  🙂

Please excuse the goofy photos.  I’m certainly not a model.  I just try to get a photo with some resemblance of normal.  And that my friends is not easy!

Hey, did you notice?  I got my hair did.  New color and everything.  Now you can collectively say, “It’s about time!”

Thanks for putting up with me on this very long Wednesday.  Have a blast of a day!


29 thoughts on “It’s like Gag-Me-With-A-Spoon & Go on a Cruise WIWW

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  2. Tiani

    Aw you’re style is so cute 🙂 I really like your green dress and your daughter is adorable! 🙂

  3. Life on The Farm

    Very cute outfits, I love the Ann Taylor Loft coat, I love the colour and pattern. It looks good on you. That whole outfit rocks. And the green dress is super cute. Love it. And for your daughter’s hair, I have fine pin straight hair. What i do is wash my hair the night before put moose in it and sleep in the curls. then the curls will hold.

  4. Jenn

    When you sock-curled A’s hair, did you spray it with a little water before curling it up? I love sock bun curls – and you know my stick straight hair – the curls stay in pretty well for me even on rainy days (which is a miracle).

  5. berryprose

    One of my daughters has the thickest hair ever, but not frizzy like mine and the other daughter has think straight as a pin hair as well. Right after their shower I use a bunch of gel and then do rag curls (ala ‘little house’) because I did that to my hair when I was a kid. Yes I actually did get the idea from reading ‘Little House in the Big Woods’ It stays in pretty much all day on the straight hair, a little crunchy from the gel but she loves it. Aussie makes a good gel that you could try.

  6. Judy Brodie

    You know how to communicate so well. I bet your hand was one of the first to go up for “show and tell” at school 🙂

  7. Mom

    A few observations: 1. Love Annaliese’s hair and pose!
    2. Not surprised at the cotton dress. Cotton was always your favorite material.
    3. The colors—umm, not another word about the colors I wear!

  8. Jill

    I noticed the hair right off in the first picture, and I’m super jealous! I’m still fighting a brillo pad and trying to figure out what on earth I’m doing. The hand-on-the-hip thing always works in a picture. I guess that’s why God made hips. : ) Fringekid is so adorable; I love the way she strikes a pose!

  9. Laura

    LOVE that maxi dress!! And the fact that you got it for less than $20?! Makes it even CUTER! I’m a gal that loves a good find, and that’s definitely a winner!! 🙂

  10. Mariah

    What a fun post! I liked the blouse and the coat together, and I’m not blind at all 🙂 You should crimp Finge Girl’s hair! That’d give her volume. My hair is a similar type, and it just won’t curl. Rag rollers (strips of towel that you sleep on, like, 100 of them) did work, but it takes a long time to put in. An idea, though.

  11. Naturally Carly

    Love the striped maxi. I think stripes look great on you – and a maxi dress is flattering on everyone. Stripes – check. Maxi – check. You look great!
    And your daughter is precious. And she poses like my daughter. Ha!

  12. Jenn

    I have to know, is John Boy standing on a chair while he is taking these pictures of you? The pic came out very well and I like your hair and outfits! ;0) And you have two hand positions that you use for pictures. hee hee hee!

  13. Tiffany

    Oh. Em. Gee. That dress is adorable!! It would fit oh, so perfectly in my closet! And I don’t think I have anything quite that shade of green. I think I need it! lol

    You’re adorable and so is FringeKid. I love her 80’s look! =)


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