Fixin the Face – Fashion Friday

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In honor of Fashion Friday, I thought we could chat about makeup.

Although I wear makeup, I’m not an expert.  I’m just a girl, so I go buy some makeup from time to time and add a little color to my face so no one mistakes me for dead.

I shouldn’t admit this, but I still have a blush I bought when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My daughter is TEN!  I should probably throw that out before I get some sort of face-fungus and my skin melts into a pool under my chin.  Heaven knows my chins don’t need any extra baggage these days.

Because I’m often a trial and error type of person when it comes to makeup, I like to take advice.  If someone tells me they would take a product to a desert island, I will take note of this product.  When I run out of my current supply in 2043, I might even splurge on buying said product.

Up until the last year or so, my makeup routine consisted of washing my face (always a good place to start), moisturizing (my skin is like your garden during a drought), and then adding a little color so no-one sees me in zombie form; however, I’ve recently noticed that I’m getting some lines on my face and this sent me into panic mode.  I mean, gray hair is bad enough, but lines too?  My daughter already thinks I was around when Betsy Ross sewed the first flag.  I don’t want her seeing the lines, because she’ll put me on the nursing home waiting list, and I’m just not ready to play Bingo five nights a week.

So when I saw a review on MAC Strobe Cream, I decided to give it a try.

MAC Strobe Cream - Cosmetics

My fountain of youth came wrapped in tissue paper and MAC did something I’ve never ever seen a company do before.  About two weeks after I made the purchase, they sent me a Thank You card.  Can you believe it?

Obviously it was a first date for me and MAC.  I hadn’t ever purchased from them before, and I bought the small tube just in case I didn’t like it.

It was expensive after all.  I think this was around $15, but seeing how my makeup lasts for decades, I felt confident I’d get my monies worth.

I actually mix this with my foundation to make a tinted moisturizer.  The Strobe Cream is almost pearlessant.  That’s the best way I can describe it.  It’s lightweight and shiny and makes you look fresh as the day you bought your first pair of high heels.

The first day I used this cream, I found myself driving somewhere with FringeMan and the kids.  The sun was shining and I was feeling twenty-nine.  I looked over at him and said, “Do you notice anything different about my face?”

He glanced my way and said the safe thing.  “You look good babe.”

“No.  I mean, does my skin look dewy?”

“Dewy?”  He burst out laughing.  “What’s dewy?  Do you mean like the grass in the morning?”

Now it’s a standing joke.  Whenever he thinks I need a compliment, he tells me I look dewy, but not without a snicker.

I actually like this cream.  Dare I say, I would buy it again?  In my opinion, and don’t you dare ask FringeMan his, it does add a bit of youth to my face.  It looks refreshing, like a good nights sleep or a sunshower on a summer’s day.  I think it’s good for my skin too.  I have no idea what pickling agent is in it, but there are some things I don’t need to know.

Next up is an eye shadow.  I suspect I should be calling this pigment, so correct me if I’m wrong.

MAC eye pigments I purchased this from Laura in one of her mini blog yardsales.  She’s the makeup artist, so if you have questions about using this stuff, you should watch one of her cool videos.

I’ve loved purple ever since I was a child with naturally dewy skin, so I bought it at her sale.  I suspect I’ll still be wearing it when I’m ninety, because a little goes a looooong way.

No worries.  I plan on being the tackiest woman in the retirement community.  Preferably that community will be beachside in Flordia.  You’ll recognize me when you see me.  I’ll be the one wearing flowered capri pants, purple eye shadow, a floppy hat, and too much cheap jewelry.  And, I’ll have dewy skin.

Nuetrogena Healthy Skin blushI bought this new highlighting blush about the same time I purchased the Strobe Cream.  I own two other blushes, the one I bought during my second pregnancy and one I bought about four years ago.  I’ll have those for another ten years, but I felt like I needed something new, fresh, dewy.  This is filled with white sparkles, but it’s not too sparkly.  I don’t look like Edward Cullen in the sunlight or anything.  It’s simply refreshing.  Good for summer.

And finally…

Laura sent me this fun set of eyeshadows as a gift when she mailed the purple shadow.  At first I didn’t think I could wear these colors, but then I tried them, and I love them.  I’ve used all them!  I think I use the bright pink the least, but it’s a pretty color and I do use it on occasion.  The other three colors I use often.

They are all shades out of my comfort zone and I would never have chosen them myself, but they work.  Sometimes it’s good to have someone else make a suggestion and ease me out of my ordinary.

So that’s it.  Those are the beauty products I’ve been loving lately.

How about you?  Have tried anything recently that you like?

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Hope you have a marvelous weekend!



13 thoughts on “Fixin the Face – Fashion Friday

  1. Jill

    Since I tend to have sensitive skin, I get most of my stuff from Mary Kay. I go through their mineral powder foundation, mascara and lipstick regularly, but their blush comes in huge (I think) containers. I’ve had mine for several years and I’m nowhere near done with it. I’ve got a few lines myself, so I may have to check out that MAC strobe cream. And my husband would turn “dewy” into a punchline as well!

  2. Tiffany

    Haha! That’s funny. Men have no idea the effort we go to to stay I love MAC eye shadows. I used Mario Badescu face wash and moisturizer for a while and LOVED it, but it’s ridiculously expensive, so when I ran out of the samples, I went back to plain ole bar soap and Oil of Olay Moisturizer. lol

  3. free penny press

    I actually tossed all the old stuff out not too long ago..I’m a bare minerals (for face) gal and love MAC lipsticks and concealer..Great products they have.. Hmm, maybe I need the Strobe so I can get that dewy look too 🙂

  4. jodalamode

    This cracked me up because the one blush I own is ancient, and only half used. I do wear it occasionally but would be surprised if anybody could tell – I’m afraid o’ the blush! I love MAC makeup however and wear it pretty exclusively except for my mascara – the Covergirl 3-pack from Costco, baby!
    Now I want “dewy” skin too… thanks for the tip on that little tube of expensiveness 😉

  5. muddledmom

    Yeah, I have some old makeup too. And I’m certain it would cause major damage now if I used it. But still I hang onto it. That stuff cost good money. I want to see what the purple stuff looks like on.

  6. Jenn

    I haven’t worn eye shadow since the Bells Palsy. BUT, I was on the hunt for a waterproof mascara that doesn’t smudge. Yes, it MUST be waterproof because regular mascara smudges before I leave the house and so do some waterproof as well. (It’s horrible) I tried about 12 mascaras, from inexpensive to department store. (Cover girl, Maybelline, Mally, Lancome, Tarte, Yves St Laurent, Bare Minerals, some mascaras I tried differnt varities. I’ve tried Almay before and it’s the super smudger). Well, Mally did very well, but the best of the bunch for me are Yves St Laurent (I actually tried this is plum since every other kind has been black and very black) AND Lancome Hypnose Drama in black. I actually wear both every day, black on the top lashes and plum on the bottom. I read that if you have green eyes, this combination will make them stand out more. For pigment eye shadows, I do like Inaz Cosmetix (they are on Facebook). Beautiful colors and you can buy sample sizes for $1.50 and they last a loooong time because you only use a little bit. Foundation, I like Loreal True Match Naturale. Stays on pretty well. But I have to say, sorry, my “moisturizer” is Aveeno body lotion. Ha ha ha

  7. tckk

    All my make-up seems to end up with my daughters. lol I really don’t wear much and if I do, it’s usually just mascara and maybe some shadow

  8. jeandayfriday

    I like to buy make-up, but if I don’t like it right away, I never use it again. I have a drawer filled with OK but not my favorite make-up items. If only make-up had a money back guarantee!

  9. apronheadlilly

    I buy and don’t use. I’d like to say I’m natural, but probably make-up lazy. I am also a health nut, so I bought this super healthy special sea stuff–2 items = $100. And I like it. But it sits on my counter with its cheap cousins. So pathetic, I know. If I ever do decide to spruce up, folks probably won’t recognize me, dewy or not.

  10. berryprose

    You sound like me, except that I am very boring and use only brown eye shadow, if anything. Since today is ‘tired achy and old’ friday, no eye shodow for me! I like this Mac you speak of. Dewy skin sounds lovely. My one recent purchase which I really like is a moisturizer. It came with the Jergens bottle of lotion that gives you a ‘healthy glow’ (I bought it so I wouldn’t scare peole away when I went to Las Vegas in March). It actually did work, and gave me a ‘healthy glow’. It came with a small bottle of facial moisturizer which does the same. It really works too! I now switch off between that and the olay I have been using for 20 years. (not the same bottle!) Having skin which tans great in summer but is nice and pasty the rest of the year, this is the best moisturizer I have found so far. I bet it would really look great with dewy skin.

  11. saleecash

    Dare I admit that I have a blush that is more than 10 years old, and after going to Las Vegas with the design firm I used to work at over 5 years ago I got talked into a very, very pricey eye shadow (purple) that I have only used once. However I would never willingly leave the house without mascara and concealer on.

  12. valleygirl96

    I’m a terrible collector of make up! I’ve got a drawer full of blushes, eye shadows, creams…you name it. Ironically all I ever slap on in the morning is some eyeliner and mascara. Oh well!


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