Secret Ingredient on Sale

Fringe Vanilla

100% Pure Vanilla Extract

Made with Imported Certified Organic Vanilla Beans

Gluten Free / No Sugar Added

Fresh from the Fringe

The Secret Ingredient for all Things Heavenly

As Featured on Life In Grace Girls


Purchase your Bottle of Fringe Vanilla before Mother’s Day and Receive 20% Off

One 4 oz. Bottle of Pure Vanilla Extract is $10 + $3 Shipping anywhere in US & Canada

Save an Additional 20% When You Order Before Mother’s Day

$8 for 4 oz. + $3 Shipping


Leave a Comment Letting me Know You’d Like to Place an Order and I will Email The Details

Much Love,

P.S.  A HUGE Thank You to my super-smart, talented, and always beautiful sister-in-law, a family photographer in the Panhandle of Florida, for the lovely Fringe Vanilla photos


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