Tell Kids the Truth

My son was handed a bullying survey the other day in school.  All the children in the middle school were filling them out.  The teacher explained that they were anonymous; however, she would like each child to check the appropriate box for Male or Female.  She was sure to add a loophole just in case a child was confused about his or her gender.  They were free to check both boxes.

This makes me really sad, because confused children need to hear the truth.

They need to know God formed them in their mother’s womb and loved them before any earthly person, even their mom, could hold a sparkle of affection for them.

They need to know  God’s love does not falter.  It is not based on performance or sacrifice, but rather on the nature of an almighty God whose greatest desire is to redeem his creation unto himself.

They need to know  God created them male or female and that our God makes no mistakes.  He looked on his creation and said it was very good.  He has a plan and purpose that only they can live out.  To an almighty God, they were no mistake.

They need to know their great value in this life, a value that doesn’t come from accomplishment or people’s approval.  It is a value coming straight from the hand of God.  They mean everything to the one who created them.

They need to know emotions can betray us.  God gave us emotions as a gift.  They cause our heart to sing in joy and break in sorrow.  They make us care, love, give, cry, delight, and take joy in, but our emotions can falter in the wind like an old, dried-up leaf blown in every direction.  Our emotions are not absolute truth.  We don’t base our decisions on an emotion that can change from one day to the next, and if hormones are involved, may change from one moment to the next.

They need to know it’s right to walk in truth, to be the boy or girl God made to them to be.

They don’t need to be left alone with their confusion to sort their emotions out on their own.  They need someone older and wiser to come alongside them and teach them truth.  They need someone to love them enough to be honest with them.

They should not be checking both sex boxes on a bullying survey.  They should know from the very start who God made them to be, and take delight in their uniqueness.  They should be told the truth.  They are worth the truth.

I imagine I’ll lose some readers over this post, but the day I begin to care more about my stats than about the truth, I’ve made my blog into a god.  That’s the day I need to delete my blog, because I only want to serve one God.

If you care about kids and want them to know the truth, then share this.  Someone needs to hear it.

Because I care,


26 thoughts on “Tell Kids the Truth

  1. Chrissy

    I agree Tricia. The world/Satan adds confusion in every possible area. People will not see the truth on all these levels, none of us will, until the end of everything. Thank you for standing up for truth and I stand with you.

  2. Melissa

    So, so true!! This is a huge reason why we feel the Lord has led us to put our kids in the public school. If no one is willing to go who will tell these kids the truth? I’m so thankful to be in a school system that allows us to go in once a week and teach kids about the truths of the Bible through Good News Club. For some reason I thought you homeschooled but now that I know they are in the public school I will make sure to be praying for them that they would have the boldness they need to tell their classmates the TRUTH. God can use them so mightily if they are willing. 🙂

  3. Paula in MN

    You won’t be losing this reader. I agree with you completely – God does NOT make mistakes. Born a boy = boy, born a girl = girl. End of story.Kind of like when I hear the comment that “someone is fighting for their life”…who do they think they are fighting?

  4. Tiffany

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Kids are sweet and specially and wonderfully made by God. He doesn’t make mistakes. I think it’s this world we live in and everything we are bombarded with that can confuse some kids.

  5. free penny press

    Your truth is yours and that is all that should matter.. I will add I know where this post is headed and I will not get into a debate of right/wrong/ etc. I merely say That if God created these children who are say genetically a boy but feel like a girl, then they are wonderous and beautiful as well.
    With regard to bullying..I have zero tolerance and feel strongly this behavior can be curtailed at a very young age through parenatl guidance and example of love, compassion for every human being that graces this planet.

    1. free penny press

      I would like to add while you say for them to seek advice from a wisened person who follows God, many, many of these people are the ones who will condemn them, call them freaks, abnormal, etc. I saw a video recently of a Minister from NC that told his congregation to “beat” the evil out of the child.That confuses them as well. It’s all really such a sad state of affairs. We should just love because we are human.

      1. the domestic fringe Post author

        I would hope that anyone who is regular reader of my blog would know that I would never, ever condone beating a child or calling them names. I would hope that my love for kids and people in general shows through my blog.

        1. free penny press

          I never meant to imply you held that belief, my point was how confusing some churches make an already confused person feel. please know it was not personally directed at you.

    2. the domestic fringe Post author

      I absolutely agree that God did create children and they are wonderous and beautiful. I think that was a big point I was making; however, kids feel a lot of things that aren’t necessarily true. Sometimes kids feel unloved, rejected, fat, ugly, like no-one cares, worthless, etc. Just because they have these feelings doesn’t make them true. Just because a 7 or 8 or 10 year old boy feels like a girl, doesn’t make it true.

  6. Piglet in Portugal

    I think I understand exactly what you mean. I feel asking a child to tick both boxes if they are not sure shows just how stupid the authorities can be in their attempt to be politically correct. Children do not need a multiple choice. They are born either male or female. No wonder kids today grow up being confused poor loves. If at a later time in their lives they swing the other way that’s fine, but they are still either male or female. hmmm I wonder if this statement still applies if they ahve a sex change?

  7. the domestic fringe Post author

    Because I don’t want any confusion, I’ll try to say what I mean clearly and concisely. I think if a baby is born a girl, she should be raised as a girl. If she gets confused at some point and desires to be a boy,she should be taught that God made her a girl, that she’s special and loved, and that God has a purpose for her life. I believe she should not be encouraged to become a boy, act like a boy, or alter the course of her life with a sex change, etc. Her life is a gift and should be respected as such.

    I know this isn’t politically correct, but I am not hateful or mean. I cannot apologize for what I believe is truth. This is a controversial topic and I know not everyone will agree, but I have a voice and this time, I had to use it.

  8. jaymers

    I find this post really confusing. I don’t personally like to dismiss people simply because I disagree with them–I purposefully widen my circle to include people who are different than me, think differently, have had different experiences. I guess what I’m saying is that maybe I don’t understand your wording, but I don’t think your post clarifies your stance. I’m just asking for clarification: You don’t think there is a difference between gender identity and sex? Because that’s not a theological determination, in my opinion, it’s a distinction made by an individual, the English language and biology. I’ve been reading the blog George. Jessie. Love. ( I really love it, and it has opened my eyes to the issue. This is so much bigger than checking a box for so many people, and we do no one any good by judging them or showing a lack of empathy. I’m not saying that you are doing this–like I said, I’m not completely clear on your point of view–but I’m just saying that empathy is paramount.

      1. jaymers

        Fair enough. The child in the blog I was referring to is 10 years old. She is living as a girl. If you read the mom’s story, it’s heart-breaking and inspiring.

  9. jmgoyder

    This is a really tricky issue and I hope you won’t mind if I say I’m not sure if I agree with you or not, but I admire you for being so honest. It does seem an oddly confusing thing for the teacher to say to the children. I guess what worries me about what you are saying is that some babies are born with both sets of genitalia – perhaps there is a child like this at the school and the teacher knows this? Obviously this is not a common occurrence but I do remember one such baby being born when I was a nurse.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I knew someone would bring this up. Honestly, I don’t have a great answer. I know the condition you’re talking about is extremely, extremely rare. I believe the specialists look for all internal parts and proper hormones to be present before they and the parents come to a decision on surgery. From what I’ve read, surgery is recommended within the first 15 months of life, so I highly doubt this is the case in my son’s school. This confusion that is fostered in our society really has nothing to do with these extremely rare birth defects that you mentioned. They have everything to do with little boys being born with boy parts and little girls being born with girl parts. As they grow and develop, confusion may set in and that confusion is fostered in our society. Our kids are taught to do whatever “feels” right. I think, as adults, we can all admit that we shouldn’t always act on our feelings. I don’t think there should be any confusion on whether a sixth grader is a male or female. They either had a pink tag in the hospital or a blue tag. We do kids a disservice when we muddy the waters of reality.

      1. jmgoyder

        So glad you replied because I was worried I might have overstepped. It sounds to me like the school situation you describe is a case of over-the-top political correctness. It reminds me of one of the situations here where some schools are now ‘de-Christmassing’ in order not to insult other religions.

  10. DJ

    So many hurting people out there, waiting to be loved with the Love, Grace, & Mercy of THE REAL GOD, instead of being dismissed by a confused, still-lost human who just checks it off in a pew every Sunday and needs that Love themselves.
    Hugs to Fringe Girl ! I’m still reading, sister.

  11. Laura

    This is an issue that’s come up a lot in my life lately ( not for myself, but hearing about it in the news and stories of friends) and it makes me so sad. The enemy is really attacking this generation in unbelievable ways.
    Thanks for sharing the truth and speaking from love, not judgement.


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