Good Morning Monday After Mother’s Day

Good morning Monday!

I hope you enjoyed your Mother’s Day.  I did.

I have the best family ever.

My son created an acrostic on the envelope of his card.

The hearth of eternal, loving relationship…wow!

That’s still making me chuckle.

Definitely goes in the “keep forever” box.

We began the day with church, a trip to Five Guys for lunch (per my request…I’ve been craving a cheeseburger.),

and then I came home and took a really long nap.

We ended the night with an ice-cream cone and a walk by the river.

It was the best day ever, a jump start into the beginning of summer.

Now I’m ready for a picnic with my cute little igloo tote, picnic blanket,

and a collapsible water bottle.

It was the perfect day.

Hope every mom enjoyed her special day.

What did you do with your own mom or with your kids?

Happy Monday!


10 thoughts on “Good Morning Monday After Mother’s Day

  1. saleecash

    So here I am a day late and a dollar behind, but still glad you had a good day. We went to McDondald’s, not in the same class as Five Guys, but a burger none the less, not even close really. Oh, HAPPY DAY!

  2. Candy S

    The youngest girl fixed me breakfast in bed, then we went to church (which was great as usual) and then the oldest girl fixed me dinner. I was absolutely wonderful!

  3. valleygirl96

    How sweet! The card my daughter made me read, “Mom, I love you like there’s no tomorrow. And on December 13th there might be no tomorrow.” Not exactly a sweet poem, but it made my day!


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