I Stop for It

Sometimes FringeMan and I have different opinions.  We don’t always agree, especially when it comes to junk.  I see treasure in things he thinks are trash, and sometimes he sees the diamond in what I know is lump of useless coal.  That’s what keeps us from being hoarders.  We compromise, throw stuff out, and vow to never bring another piece of junk into the house again.

I promised myself in my head that I wouldn’t stop at any yard sales this summer.  I mean, what do I need?  If I’ve lived this long wihtout it, it most certainly cannot be a need.  I told myself not to do anything impulsive, especially when a trash heap is involved.  On Saturday I passed by four SALE signs without even a second glance.  I was pretty confident I had temptation beat.  It’s been about six weeks since an M&M went through my lips and if I can have victory over candy-coated chocolate, anything is possible.  I was flying high until Sunday night.

The glance was purely accidental.  I promise and my fingers are not crossed behind my back.  I didn’t mean to fall in love, but that’s the way it happens isn’t it?

The pile of junk was so small, just four little things.  My head spun on my shoulders like a broken record, and before I could utter a gasp, Fringeman said, “Oh, no.  Don’t even look!  We can’t bring any junk into the house.”

All I heard was “Blah, blah, blah.”

“Did you see that metal cart?”  I asked.

“You mean that piece of junk?  No way am I stopping.”

“But it’s sunshiny yellow.”

He turned around of course.  He loves me, and besides I went to the Harley Dealership with him.  Remember?

vintage yellow cart

She cleaned up real well.  Don’t ya think?

vintage yellow cart nightstand

FringeMan always wants to know “What are you going to do with it?”

I can’t always answer that question right away, mostly because I know he won’t like the answer.

I don’t think he’s noticed that it’s in our bedroom yet.  By the time he does, it will be part of the family.  Besides, it was FREE.  How could I let it go to the dump?

I’m historian almost, a rescuer of Americana.  Now I just have to convince FringeMan of that.

Do odd items in the middle of a rubbish heap sometimes call your name?

P.S.  The lamp is another rescue.  You can see my $10 makeover HERE.


8 thoughts on “I Stop for It

  1. tckk

    I think my grandma had a white one like that or maybe it was us. I know someone did when I was growing up. lol

  2. johnmarkus

    That piece looks awesome!
    Most people don’t know this, but everything in our house has been recycled or repurposed. If there’s even a consideration that it might work, I bring it home. If its truly junk, it doesn’t matter who’s house it’s in front of when the garbage truck stops.


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