The Summer that Once Was

Well, summer’s over, but it was nice when it was here.  I guarantee we enjoyed two whole weeks of it.  I have absolutely no idea what we’ll do when the kids finally get out of school.  Maybe we’ll be snowboarding by then, or something.  Hopefully something else, but you just never know.

We did go swimming once during our very short summer.  That’s a success.  At least the kids can say they swam and dreamed of being slightly sunburned.  A slight sunburn would be the only way to remember it was actually summer.  Once.

Even I went swimming with them, although it was purely accidental.  Don’t you just get a little loopy when temps rise above eighty degrees?  Suddenly all is right with the world.  When those sorely lacking Vitamin D stores are being filled up and I find myself doing strange things, like exercising, or swimming in a lake with my clothes on.

I had no intention of getting in the lake, but my family was out there on a rock in the middle of the lake, yelling for me to join them, and the only two other people there were jumping off the dam and swimming with their dog.  I stood on the water’s edge and reminded everybody of my clothing, a full outfit.

I totally resisted the urge until two middle-aged (my mom says I’m middle-aged, but I don’t believe her) women came in on a kayak.

“Go in honey.  It’s not even cold.  It’s so nice, you’d regret not going in.”

Who am I to argue with two women holding oars?

It wasn’t exactly warm, but it was quite refreshing.  It also felt good to throw caution and common sense to the wind and jump into summer with arms wide open.

It only seems like yesterday it was eighty-four degrees, only I know it wasn’t yesterday, because yesterday I was wearing socks and slippers because my feet were freezing.

I’m also happy to say we fully thawed Slippy the Lizard.  He woke up and ran around like he was alive.  I’ve never seen him have so much energy.  He was up and down the stick, climbing on the side of the tank, and running in circles.  He hasn’t been like this in our care.  Not ever!

Once we warmed the tank up to a semi-tropical seventy-two degrees, he came right out of his hibernation.  Silly me, I thought he was just lethargic, but I should have known the signs – curling in a ball, sleeping all day, barely eating.  He was acting just like me in January, except the barely eating part.  I keep refueling with comfort food during my hibernation.

At any rate, I’m certainly glad we figured out what’s been ailing him.  It would almost be cheaper to send him down to Florida to live with my brother than it is to keep his tank at seventy-four degrees when our house is at fifty-eight, but what’s a super-large light bill anyway?

Anything for the lizard.  That’s my motto.  Not really, but I make sure I say that in front of my son, so he doesn’t worry I’ll steal the heat lamp and clip it on my chair while he’s in school.

So, are you ready to throw caution to the wind this summer and swim with your clothes on?

Are you like me, did summer come and go already with only a shaky promise to return?

Or, are you one of the lucky ones sitting in front of an air-conditioner sipping lemonade?


10 thoughts on “The Summer that Once Was

  1. Missindeedy

    Oh, Summer… Come back…

    I’m pretty certain that I have those very same stretch marks.

    Very heartened to hear that at least you all won’t be lonely as Slippy has been revived.

  2. Katie B. of

    Summer is just starting here, and I’m fresh out of lemonade. Glad to hear Slippy pulled through, but I’m still chuckling over the “three hundred stretch marks ago” comment. I missed my chance, too, and am now afraid if I went skinny dipping someone would call the Coast Guard to report a whale sighting in Kansas.

  3. berryprose

    Seems kind of nice here today in NJ, but yeah we have had soem March days lately. I hope that it does not get to 117 degrees or 58 degrees this summer, just 85 would be lovely. I got two big bottles of copper tone and I wanna use them!

  4. momfog

    We’ve had 90 degree temps since April, but overall it’s cooler than usual. It barely gets to 90 and we’ve had rain. Honestly, I’d switch places with you in a heartbeat. I don’t like the heat. As for jumping in lakes, no, it’s not happening because snakes live in lakes. I am going to the beach this week with the kids so that’s something.


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