Mix & Match WIWW

Today I’m participating in What I Wore Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy.  You can hop on over to her blog and see oodles of fashion inspiration.  I join the fun, because I enjoy seeing what other women are wearing.  Sometime it sparks ideas and sends me running into my closet to see what I can refashion.

Today is all about mixing and matching.  You see, I wear the same basic clothes in summer, fall, winter, and spring.  It’s probably not the best idea, but it works for me.  I normally just add extra layers in the winter – leggings, long-sleeved t-shirts, sweaters, and boots.  In the summer, it’s the paired down version of winter.  Now some things are just too summery to cross-over the frozen bridge into winter, but for the most part, I make my clothes work.

I’m not going to show you summer and winter looks in the same outfit, although that would be a fun post.  I’m just going to mix and match a few summer outfits.

Here goes…

The basic item is an H&M maxi skirt.  I bought it last spring.

On the left is a photo from a few weeks ago.  I’m wearing it on a cooler day with a darker shirt and boots.  I probably threw a sweater on with it too.

On the right, I’m wearing it with a different t-shirt and sandals.  I asked my daughter to take a picture with my feet, so the sandals would show, but she cut off my head and didn’t get much sandal.  You can only catch a peak.

mix & match H&M maxi skirtSkirt: H&M, Owl T-shirt: Lifeway, Sandals: Famous Footwear.

Here’s another mix match swaping the shirts.

The photo on the left is from a few weeks ago.  I paired the Come & Sail Away Old Navy T with a skirt and then this past week, I wore it with denim capris.

Sorry about the photo of my kitchen floor.  You can obviously see we haven’t refinished our floors yet or put new molding on the base of the cabinets (that’s waiting on the floors).

Come Sail Away Old Navy shirt

Shirt and skirt: Old Navy, Capris: Kohl’s (a long time ago), Flip-Flops: Walmart

Next I’m swapping a shirt. If you think I’m just wearing the same clothes over and over again, you’re pretty much right.

Striped shirt with two different skirts.

Shirt: Old Navy, Maxi skirt: Thrifted, Striped skirt: Old Navy, Sandals: Kmart, Necklace: Francesca’s.

I love FringeKid’s skirt.  I found it on a Gap Kid’s clearance rack.  I want one for myself!

This last dress isn’t mixed or matched, but I can probably throw a cute black jacket on and pair of black boots and make it work, at least for fall.

I bought this dress like five or six years ago at a Walmart near my mom.  Her Walmart caters to a business crowd and they get lots of nicer clothes.  In the past, I wore it to work all the time, because it’s easy and comfy.  My boss never did believe I bought it in Walmart for under twenty bucks.  That’s the kind of deal I like!

Do you mix & match you clothes?

Or, do you buy your clothes in outfits and never break up your outfits?

Don’t forget to visit Pleated Poppy, Rolled Up Pretty, and Transatlantic Blonde for some fashion inspiration.

And visit Musings of a Housewife for Fashion Friday.  She always has great style advice and tips.

BonBon Rose Girls are hosting Monday Mingle, a great place to visit and get inspiration.


18 thoughts on “Mix & Match WIWW

  1. Tiffany

    Oh, yes maam. I mix and match all. the. time. =) That’s what makes getting dressed fun! I don’t have many printed tee’s though. You’ve inspired me to find some and pair them with flirty flowery skirts!

  2. Windy Taylor

    I absolutely mix and match! In fact, I have a rule when buying something new – if I can’t think of five things it will go with, it goes back on the rack.

  3. Jessie @ Dream and Differ

    I definitely mix and match a lot. It’s a great way to stretch your wardrobe. I love the way you change things up with different skirts and fun tees; so cute! The black and white dress looks great on you. You could even throw on a denim jacket and cute sandals for a different, more casual summer look. 🙂

  4. Style Mentor™

    I see we have another skirt lover here! A lady after my own heart! You look awesome! I mix and match decades…on purpose! xo!


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