Hello Monday. (Surprise Inside!)

Hello good Monday morning.

I’m generally not your biggest fan, but you’re all bright and shiny this morning, so I cannot help but fall for you.  I hesitate to speak too soon, but I think we’re going to get along just fine.

Hello free night at the zoo.

We’ll be visiting your inhabitants after allergy shots this evening.  Please keep them all caged.  I don’t like getting too personal with hairy apes and hungry bears.

Hello near ninety degrees.

Where have you been all my life?

Hello final exams.

I have conflicting emotions about you.  Part of me wants my son to ace you, and the other part wants you to teach my son a very important lesson – Do Not Wait Until Eight-Thirty on a Sunday Night to Study!

Hello scale.

We’ve been on bad terms for so long, I hesitate to ask, but, can we be friends?  I’m learning to like you more and more each day.  I may even buy you a new battery, but only if you’re good, and by good, I mean you must make me happy by showing me low numbers.  Kay?

Hello sore muscles.

I kinda forgot you were lying dormant in my body all winter.  I know I’ve been working hard at fixing our relationship, but go easy on me.   I want to be strong and healthy, not walking like I need a cane, AARP, and bottle of Metamucil.

Hello lucky readers.

One of my lovely bloggy friends will have the opportunity to win something super-fun today.  I hope it’s you!

Hello Urban Tickle.

I like your funny name.  It makes me want to squirm a little with laughter, but your delightful little prints make me swoon.

(Before I began reading Flower Patch Farmgirl, I would have never said swoon, but some good things have a way of rubbing off.)

owl art by urban tickle on EtsyThese little owls make me want to pinch their cheeks.  Aren’t they the cutest little things?

Kid's world map by Urban Tickle on EtsyI love this world map too.  I want one for my living room.  I can sit and look at it and just imagine all the places God will take me in this adventure called life.

These stat records almost make me want to have another baby, but then I remember the fifty plus pounds I gained with my last two.  My scale and I would automatically be on the outs again, and our relationship is only beginning to flourish.  So, alas, I’ll have to buy one of these cute personalized prints for a friend.

And call it good.

Urban Tickle is generously giving away a print of choice to one lucky reader.

Here are the rules:

1.  Go visit Urban Tickle and pick out your print.

2.  Like The Domestic Fringe’s facebook page (over in the right sidebar).

3.  Leave a comment letting me know which print you chose. Winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday.

4.  For an extra entry, share The Domestic Fringe’s facebook page.

5.  Have a happy Monday!

You can also enjoy 10% off anything at Urban Tickle by using the coupon code THANKS11.  Happy shopping!

Hello Lisa Leonard’s Monday Linky.

Go visit Lisa for more Hello Monday posts.


12 thoughts on “Hello Monday. (Surprise Inside!)

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  2. Charming's Mama

    I would love to like your FB page, but alas I am still refusing to get a FB account of my own, so can I just like you here in the comments?

    And “oh the places you’ll go” would be my choice.

    My scales and I have been on the outs for years.

  3. Missindeedy

    Scales must talk to each other. Only, me and mine are breaking up for a few months. Hopefully, the very thought of squeezing my ever-lovin-self into a zootsuit should be enough to keep me on the straight and (almost)narrow during that time? Hope yours is super friendly to you from here on out.

    There were so many “Hello’s” that I totally get about this post. Giggled over keeping animals caged. Yes please!

    I already “like” your FB page.

    “Oh The Places You Will Go” already has the perfect spot in my home. In Sweetboy’s room, of course! I love it.

  4. Becs

    Love your hello Mondays! I have a similar relationship with my scales and your son and his final exams made me laugh (I hope he does OK!). Have a great week. 🙂


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