Slightly Stepford

Will you invite me to a garden party please?

I have the perfect dress.  And by perfect, I mean I’m in love with a piece of cotton like it’s my best friend holding a warm chocolate lava cake.

I’m a dress wearer by nature, mostly because I’m lazy when it comes to styling outfits.  Dresses are about the simplest thing to wear – throw it over your head and add shoes.  That’s my kind of outfit!

Plus, they are cool in summer, can be layered with tights, boots, and sweaters in the winter, and camouflage the problem parts.  We all, well, mostly all of us have problem parts.  Don’t we?

Maybe you’ve heard of eShakti, but have you ever ordered one of their dresses?

I’m scared to death of ordering things online, because I can’t bring three sizes into the fitting room and spend thirty minutes under glaring lights wondering if my butt looks a little larger than life.  eShakti fixes that problem.  You simply take your measurements and order your size.  It comes to your door ready to wear and fitting like a glove.  They have the most flattering styles and prints, and get this, they offer customization for a nominal fee.  You can change the sleeves, the neckline, and the length of any dress.  You can have a dress made to fit you – your shape, your curves, your body.

No more guesswork.

eShakti red floral dress

I mean, sure I’m slightly Stepford, but things could always be worse.  At least they’re cute robots.  They could have all been wearing black spandex stretched thin two hundred pounds ago with a sleeveless white (at one time) button down shirt and dirty old tennis shoes.  Think about it.

Because, I’m still in love with my party dress.

It’s made well and it has pockets.  What else could a girl want in a dress?  It’s got a vintagy feel without the bad smell and sweat stains.

I love it.

If I let myself dream a little (and go into virtual debt while shopping), I’d order a whole bunch of these dresses.

Do you have a party, graduation, wedding, or special occasion coming up?  Check out eShakti.  They have something for everyone at an affordable price.  You can find my dress HERE.

So, if you were me, where would wear this dress?

Shoes are Kmart (because I’m classy like that) and the necklace is real vintage (no bad smell included).

**  A special thanks to the incredible retired couple who let me use their boat as a prop.  They traveled all the way from Florida to New York and are heading on to the Great Lakes.  They’ve lived in their boat for the past three years and love traveling America by sea.  They didn’t even look at me funny when I asked to take pictures with it.  They acted like it was totally normal and girls dressed in heels asked them that question every single day.

***  This post is being linked to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday and The Transatlantic Blonde and Whatever, Whenever Wednesday and Watch out for the Woestmans. Hop on over and visit for lots of fashion inspiration.


59 thoughts on “Slightly Stepford

  1. Izzywizz

    Hia, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! 🙂 I really appreciate it! I must say both you and the dress you are wearing are looking fab!!

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  3. Angie Vik

    You look really nice. I love the dress. Thanks for the info about where to buy it. (I’ve never seen the Stepford movie but I’ve heard about it.)

  4. jodalamode

    I have heard of that dress site before but haven\’t seen a dress as cute as yours… that fits so perfectly! You weren’t a kiddin’! I lovity love it!

  5. Jodi

    I have heard of that dress site before but haven’t seen a dress as cute as yours… that fits so perfectly! You weren’t a kiddin’! I lovity love it!

  6. Nic

    Such a pretty color on you and I love the style! The photo effects are great too! I added you on Pinterest and Facebook which I’m on as well. I’m also on Twitter, Tumbler and Bloglovin if you want to connect that way too. Can’t wait to see more!


  7. Natalie Hartford

    Ohhhh…love the dress! It’s gorgeous and I think you could wear it anywhere – out to dinner, movies, work, shopping – pair it with a white sweater or dress it up with some hot red shoes! It’s fabulous and I am definitely going to check out eShakti. Although hubby might want to come burn your blog if I spend any more money on clothes…LOL!
    Squeeee….online dress shopping, here I come!!!

  8. Jessie @ Dream and Differ

    Be still my beating heart! I love that dress! And you look fantastic! I am definitely going to check out eSkakti. PS~ Stepford Wives totally creeps me out (the book and the movies), but they’ve got some seriously cute clothes. I love those dresses!

  9. Sara

    Love the dress! It’s not Stepford at all, it’s “retro-rad”, a new term I’ve picked up from the Next FoodNetwork Star! 🙂 And look at you modeling–very chic! I love dresses too, for much the same reason. Throw it on, walk out the door. Very nice in the summertime!

  10. Shelly

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your dress!!!! You look gorgeous in it! I have never heard of eShakti, but I will be visiting next time I have a “real” event to go to. Thanks for telling us about it!


  11. Debbie York

    Ahoy Matey…that is the most darling dress. Me…I’d wear it everywhere with sandals, flip flops, bare feet…whatever and where ever. I’d wear the necklace wrapped as a bracelet, but that’s just me. You are definitely rockin’ the dress…and the boat.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I think I’ll try it without the necklace and some fun flat sandals. It’s so comfy, I want to get lots of use out of it. Good idea about turning the necklace into a bracelet.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Thank you. My husband worked hard to take some descent photos and then I worked hard to edit them, and although they could be clearer/brighter, it is what it is. And, it’s good enough.

  12. Deanna

    I love that dress!! I wouldn’t be as brave as you to ask a complete stranger to pose in front of their boat, but hey…you did so in a kickin’ outfit. Who could say no to that?

        1. the domestic fringe Post author

          My comment didn’t sound like it did in my head. Sorry. I really meant…Some days I have to suck it up and take one for the blog. I wasn’t thinking YOU when I wrote that, but sometimes there’s a disconnect between my head and my fingers. 😉

  13. Tiffany

    I love this dress on you!! You would fit right in in Stepford and that’s a compliment. =) I think the Stepford Wives are so perfectly elegant and classy… if not, a little bit weird. lol

  14. Missindeedy

    The colors in that dress are fabulous! Cheery and not a bit Stepford. Maybe the necklace. A tiny bit. But I’m loving the look! And all that staying away from chocolate is doing you well – you look gorgeous! That couple surely get asked to use their boat as a prop at least once or twice, right? 😉

  15. bellesogni

    I love your dress, the colors, the style and better yet, it looks good on you. The only thing I would suggest is some really kicky RED shoes for night wear. Oh la la!!!


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