Old Friends

There’s something special about old friends, those kids I grew up with that have somehow turned into adults with families of their own.

They are comfortable.

They know my good, bad, and ugly, so there’s no explaining.

They get it.

It’s like having family in my house, not “guests”.

They wake up earlier than me, make a pot of coffee, and don’t speak to me until they’ve poured some down my throat.

It’s like the good old days, only now it’s new.

Because there’s more of us.

Little, mini copies of us.

Left to keep the fun going for another generation.

Because despite our protests, we’re growing up.

And I think that’s ok, because we’ll be friends for life.

Do you still get together with old friends?

Tell us about them.


7 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. berryprose

    Yes I also am so lucky to have several friends with whom I have known since before high school. My best friend and I became inst-friends at the age of 12. We are sisters now, in life. we all gt together a few times a year but when we do, nothing has changed except for the little ones running around, which makes it even more fun. Great Post!

  2. Mom

    You were right when you said the kids are mini copies of you! Mable’s children are exact copies of their parents. I see Rachel and some Kelvin in them too.

  3. abozza

    I do, and consider myself so lucky. There are 4 of us who have been friends since we were 8 who get together every few months. For our 40th, we went big (which we’ve never done before and will never do again) and went to Cancun for 4 days. When we are together, we are 8 all over again. My other friend, since I was 8, lives in Florida, and I just went down there for his wedding. I miss him like a cut-off limb, but it was so wonderful to spend the time with him. You are very lucky to have these friends. Not everyone has friendships that go back so far. 🙂


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