Funnies, Fashion, & Fireworks

Ok, I feel really bad putting “Fashion” into the title, because if I’m honest, there will no fashion in this post.  You may see a few haphazard outfits worn by a harried mom, but that’s it.  Please accept my apology.

There will be “Funnies” though and I only hope that redeems me and my lying lips.

Today I’m over at An Army of Ermas talking about a reality of pet proportions.  I got all nostalgic the other day when I thought back to our dog “O”.  We loved her while we had her and now someone else is loving her, because the doctor ordered her out of our home.

Anyway, before I induce tears over here, just hop on over to An Army of Ermas and read all about our once beloved dog.

(Isn’t it funny that I can use words like beloved when talking about the dog who gave me gray hair and an ulcer?  Everything becomes a little more rosy in the past tense.)

And now, on to the fashion…

I absolutely feel I should add a disclaimer, because my outfits (especially one) will make you want to call What Not to Wear.

Feel free.

I am playing along with The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday.  Basically you just take dorky photos of yourself and link them up with hundreds of other dorky women across the world.  What’s not to love about that?

H&M polka dot shirt Jeans: Kmart, Shirt: H&M, Shoes: Kmart

I honestly do not remember when I wore this.  I suspect it was two weeks ago and that’s cheating, because these outfits should be from this week.  I hope you’ll forgive me.  I’ve lost track of time.  And maybe my mind.

Tie-dye dress

Apparently I woke up with the urge to look like a second grade art project.  I know it’s really, really bad, but in my defense, it was ninety degrees and I was sitting amidst my fans.  No one saw me.

Well, almost no one.

I may have run out to Taco Bell for dinner.  It was ninety degrees after all, and Taco Bell is barely a step above Wally World.


Oh, just go ahead and call Stacey and Clinton.  I’ll love you anyway.  I also wouldn’t mind a new wardrobe.

Dress:  Handmade by a lady in my town.  Tank:

Shoes:  None, but check out the wicked tan line on my feet.  Am I the only one with a bikini line on my foot?

I wore this outfit last night.  We went to a baseball game and fireworks.  The ball game was packed, so we hung out with the VIP’s on their very special, somewhat snooty deck.  People wondered how we suddenly made it to the top of the town, and we said, “We just walked up there like we belonged.”

No one was the wiser.  I just wish I had attendants to run down and get me popcorn.

In this photo, I am at twenty solid pounds of weight loss.  Yay!  I have ten more to go, but it doesn’t seem like those will fall away without my doing something drastic.  Like Jillian drastic.  I know.  It’s a terrible thought.  For now I’m holding out for liposuction.

My only problem is that I have a few, very few, outfits that I can wear.  Everything else is literally falling off.  It’s a nice problem, yes, but I have no money to buy new clothes.  Looks like I’ll be wearing out what I have.

Jeans:  Kmart, Shirt:  Hand-me-down, Shoes: Famous Footwear

Happy Birthday U.S.A.


Ok, now head on over to An Army of Ermas and leave me a comment over there if you can.  Bunches of thanks!



15 thoughts on “Funnies, Fashion, & Fireworks

  1. Sara

    20 pounds! Go you!! I need to lose at least 40. I get on a roll, lose 5 and then gain back 6. It’s terrible! But, you inspire me to do better!! 🙂 I would gladly call Stacy and Clinton on your behalf. I think a new $5000 wardrobe would be awesome!!

    I can’t read about your dog. We lost our family dog of 13 years this winter. And while we have a wonderful new puppy, I still really miss our Buddy. 🙂


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