The Difference A Day Can Make

I know I scared some of you yesterday by posting FringeMan’s video, but we were sitting at the kitchen island being dorks and laughing at our own stupidity.  It was such fun, I thought I’d share with you, only you don’t know the giant teddy bear that is FringeMan, so maybe it was a touch psychotic.

We can be like that sometimes.

Lovably psychotic.

Isn’t it amazing the difference a day can make?

Most mornings I un-burry my head from my pillows and it’s same old, same old, but then out of nowhere, one morning changes everything for the next month.  I guess that’s the exciting thing about life, about God.  He rarely answers prayers how I think He should.

I look around at my life and the little world I live in and think, “There you go God.  Open that door.  It’s easy, logical, and won’t rock the boat too much.”

News flash:  God rocks boats.

He says no-way-Hosea to my easy and logical and throws us a curve ball, big and fast.  Next thing you know we’re on the road again, traveling down to the land of 110 degrees in a car without air-conditioning.

The truth is the lack of work in our area has been killing us, one missed paycheck at a time.  Then our town went and doubled our taxes, probably because nearly every business has closed and there are too many abandoned houses.  I get it.  I understand the need, but it’s a blow when your mortgage doubles without warning.  So FringeMan and I have done a little scrambling over the past few months.  We’ve applied for every blasted job that’s opened up, including an overnight shift for him and a before-the-crack-of-dawn shift for me.  You know I’m desperate when I want to got to work at five in the morning.

Nothing worked out though.  We are available, hard workers, and much more than qualified for every single job, but still the door doesn’t open.

I was about to start worrying, but then chose not too.  Sometimes the choice is clear and easy.  I remembered all that God has done in the past and realized He has a different plan.  I may not know what that plan is or even understand the why and how of it, but I chose to trust that He is working.

Sure enough, the phone started ringing yesterday.  Instead of local work for us both, FringeMan now has preaching engagements lined up down south.  This also gives us the opportunity to spend some more time with our families in Georgia and for FringeMan to get some electrical work done for them.

If you don’t believe in miracles, just watch our car travel state-to-state.  We leaves pieces of rust and “spare” parts as we go.  We’re kind of like Hansel and Gretel.  You can follow our trail in you’d like.

July and August just got a little more exciting.

This weekend we have a family reunion with my husband’s family.  After fifteen years, I know bunches of his family, but there are still more to meet, so it should be a fun weekend.  Of course there will be a story.  Family reunion screams funny.

Then we’ll be on the road to Virginia for nearly a week and then on to Georgia for who knows how long.  We just need to be back by August 5th.  I’m walking to raise awareness for a disease that a friend of ours died from this past winter.  FringeMan and the kids are all participating in that event too. So…

What’s new for you?

Have you seen one day of your life change everything?

How has God rocked your boat lately?



12 thoughts on “The Difference A Day Can Make

  1. AmberPamper

    God has absolutely rocked my boat lately. Teaching me things in humble ways I am so grateful to learn. Utter dependence on Him has been my motto for a long time but He takes it to new levels. So glad you guys got the speaking engagements and are able to visit with family. I pray that God will provide all your needs and that your faith grows through this rough time. 🙂

  2. Coming East

    Yea! Love it when you get an answer out if the blue. I keep praying my son will find something, too. He is an attorney in Boston…an unemployed attorney in Boston, and he hasn’t been able to find any kind of work for a long time. Education was supposed to be your ticket to a good life, but not anymore. Looking forward to hearing about your travels.

  3. ladyofthemanse

    Enjoy your trip. Sounds like great fun and I hope will be full of blessings. Who knows, (Well, we know God does) but maybe something more permanent will open up for you soon.

  4. Missindeedy

    Well… thanks to YOU and your fabulous recommendation of the book “Anything” recently, I have a feeling that my boat is going to be majorly rocked. I’m hanging on in preparation.

    You have a gracious attitude and an adventurous spirit that will surely carry you right on through this boat “chop”.

  5. Katie B. of

    So glad those preaching engagements came up, and where you’ll get to see family, too! God’s definitely rocked our boat lately, but I think He’s just trying to remind us that we can make it through anything as long as we let go of our plans, and hold on to Him.

  6. Mariah

    So exciting! Look at you, embracing the change, remembering God’s faithfulness. So excited for yoU! I had a day about 4 weeks ago where I realized I was prego, not 2 weeks after Hubs & I decided NOW would be the WORST time to have a babe. HA! That God, he does crazy things sometimes!

  7. deb

    God certainly can rock the boat. Just wear a life jacket and go along for the ride! I’ll be praying for you on the road. 🙂

  8. Sara

    Wow! How exciting!! God definitely does rock the boat. I can so relate to the situation you all are in. I have a bachelor’s degree in education and a Master’s degree in Christian Education. I have spent many years working with youth and children in various capacities. And yet, two years after we moved and I gave up my teaching position, no other teaching doors have opened. I’m going to be working as a para-professional this next school year. I keep waiting for God to show me what it is I’m supposed to be doing with my life, but maybe, this is it. The past two years have enabled me to be home with my boys more, start a community theater group in town, ideally focus more on writing and do some work on women’s ministry ideas. I know God’s plan for my life will unfold in his time, not mine. But, it’s so hard to live in the wilderness!!

    I will be praying for your safe travel and that God will do wonderful things through you all and for you all!

  9. berryprose

    Not yet! But I think it will soon. The day when my job tells me “it was nice knowing ya but…” Like you, I’m not too worried… God always does open a door in a most unexpected place and way. 🙂 Good luck with the travelling and I’m glad to see you’re all doing so well. 🙂 I always love to read your posts!


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