What NOT to Wear In Summer

olive shorts and striped teeshirt

Shorts: Local Sporting Goods Store, T-shirt: Gap

By now you all realize that most Wednesdays I participate with the Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday.

Since I don’t have to dress for work, this is a bit of incentive to look nice everyday.

Only, I think I’m in the running for Worst Dressed Participant.

Is there an award for that?

I sure hope so, because I’d like to be a winner, even if it means being a loser.

purple t-shirt & gray shirt comfy summer outfit

Skirt: Target, Shirt: Local Sporting Goods Store

I basically wear the same thing every single day.

This is because I have no clothes and also because it’s hot.

It’s HOT!

I like it that way, but I generally dress with less when it’s hot.

How do women layer their clothes, blow out their hair, and pile on the jewelry when it’s ninety-four degrees outside?

Am I missing a fashion gene?

Is there a secret to not sweating in three layers and a summer-weight (??) scarf?

Clue me in people!

safari outfit

Shorts: Same as above, Shirt: Hand-Me-Down

Because without some intervention, this is what I’m wearing until October.

And it’s kind of sad.

vintage war bride ring of love

Of course I’ll be wearing my newly found vintage ring.  Every. Single. Day.

You can read the story behind it HERE.

Now tell me, what are you wearing this summer?


6 thoughts on “What NOT to Wear In Summer

  1. Sweet Juicy April

    I can’t wear layers during the summer, either! Except when I worked in a crazy, overly air conditioned office! Or if I’m going somewhere with air conditioning. Other than that I just wear shirts and a necklace to dress things up! I like all your outfits!

  2. Tiffany

    Haha! If I weren’t sitting in an air conditioned office for the majority of the day, I’d be right with you. Shorts and a tee can be cute, too! =)

    Oh and there is no such thing as a summer weight scarf made for Florida weather! lol


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