Pizza Snobs

I’ll be the first to admit the FringeFamily are pizza snobs.  We just cannot help ourselves. When you grow up with authentic New York slices, you can smell a good pie (pizza pie) from a block away.  You account for crust, texture, spiciness of sauce, stringiness of cheese, and the tell-all crunch in the first bite.

Rules for good pizza according to the Bible the FringeFamily:

You’ve gotta have a little crunch when the front of the triangle gets bitten into.

Each slice must be foldable.

The sauce cannot be a plain can of smooshed tomatoes with a texture that resembles paste and a bite that indicates quick prep methods.

Sauce should be simmered for a long time and seasoned with care, because it can make or break a slice.

The cheese must be real 100% whole milk mozzarella.  When you’re eating pizza, it is no time to skimp on fat.  Go fat or go for salad.  Real cheese will ooze and stretch from a slice into your mouth with each bite.  It should be a little messy.  The best pizza is.

So while we were in the Atlanta area, we decided to visit the Big Pie In The Sky pizza place.  After all, it was featured on an episode of Man v. Food.  I’d secretly like to take a trip for the sole purpose of visiting some of the restaurants featured on Man. v. Food.  I mean, who could resist a doughnut the size of my head or a sandwich with ten layers of goodness?

Man v. Food pizza challenge

This restaurant hosts the carnivore challenge.  They make a thirty inch pizza and then pile on the meat, eleven pounds of meat.  Two people have one hour to eat the protein rich pie.  Adam Richman did not win the challenge, but I am certain he gave it his best shot.  My kids claim it wasn’t his fault he lost.  According to the kids, his partner threw up and that automatically disqualified him.

FringeMan is pretty sure he can take on this challenge.  After a full day at Six Flags over Atlanta, I had every confidence in him, but good sense ruled and we simply ordered a thirty inch pie, half sausage.

30 inch pizza big pie in the skyNotice the size of the slices compared to the knife?

FringeBoy was very excited.

We were all hungry.

The pizza was good.

Thin crust?  Check, but no crunch on the first bite.

Stringy real mozzarella cheese?  Check.

Robust, slow-simmered sauce?  Well, here’s where the pizza snob review comes in.  The sauce wasn’t the best.  It was a little too tomato-pasty and lacked seasoning.

I did not eat the sausage, but I heard it was good.

The final review – one thumbs up.

Our night out was fun.  We can say we ate at the home of a Man v. Food challenge.  The pizza was good, not 100% pure New York pizza, but you cannot expect New York in Atlanta.  It just does not work.

Obviously we enjoyed it enough to eat about twenty-five out of thirty inches and maybe next time we’re visiting, we’ll stop in again.

But I do not think we’ll take on the Carnivore Challenge.  Although, you never know what the future may hold.

Don’t tempt FringeMan.


8 thoughts on “Pizza Snobs

  1. Missindeedy

    I so enjoyed your description of a good pizza that I drooled a little. On route home from BlogHer, my traveling partner-in-crime convinced me to stop in Connecticut for Pepe’s Pizza. It’s supposedly one of the best pizza joints in the country. It WAS, I tell ya! A good pizza is so hard to find up here in New England, so this was a real find.

  2. Jessie @ Dream and Differ

    I don’t think I’ve ever had pizza that meets all your requirements. However, after reading this post, I am (a) hungry and (b) going to make it my life’s mission to find pizza like you described here! My diet curses you, but my taste buds bless you! 😉


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