An M&M Monday

Sometimes I wish people were more like M&M’s.  I mean, we already come in a variety of colors.  I just want to know why we can’t all be filled with milk (or dark if that’s your preference) chocolate sweetness.

A hard candy shell may nice on the outside, but when our center is just as hard, there’s something wrong.

I went three months without an M&M.  I was pretty proud of myself, but you know the saying, pride goes before the fall.  I should have joined a twelve-step group for candy addicts, but now it’s too late.

My aunt, bless her heart (because I’ve been in the south for nearly three weeks and I’m beginning to pick up their sayings), plopped an entire bag of red, green, blue, yellow, and brown M&M’s right in front of me.

“Ahhhh!  What are you doing?  These little candy coated chocolates are my Kryptonite.”

Then I caved to peer pressure and the hundred little smiles in the bag.  M&M’s smile at me.  They really do.  I only ate a handful though and it took every single ounce of willpower, determination, and good sense not to consume the whole bag.  It would have been my pleasure.

When we were at Six Flags Over Atlanta last week, I found an M&M store.  It was kind of made for me.

I really wanted to bring this green wink home, but you know how it is in amusement parks.  A glass of water costs just less than a quarter million dollars, so you can imagine the price of a t-shirt.

M&M Store Atlanta Georgia

I went to the M&M store and all I got was this stupid picture.

P.S. Please excuse my outfit.  Those are my workout clothes.  I packed in one bag and had to pick something to wear to the amusement park.  This outfit won, for comforts sake.


9 thoughts on “An M&M Monday

  1. Jill

    We have an M&M store in Orlando (I love M&M’s too), but they had a person in a giant M&M costume standing right outside in the mall. In theory, it was a cute idea, but the giant M&M guy creeped me out. : )

  2. Tiffany

    Hahaha! “a glass of water costs a quarter million dollars.” You’re not kidding! lol It’s ridiculous the money you can blow on food alone at those places! lol

    I think you’re cute in your workout gear. =)

    p.s. I have you down for a guest post on Monday! Don’t forget. 😉

  3. Shannon

    Haha that’s a lot of wllipower to only eat a handful! This post is causing me to sniff around the house to see if we have some in a kids goodie bag or something.

  4. Missindeedy

    Sister, I feel ya. The clothing choice? Not that bad – the purple shirt totally works. The 100 M&M’s? Not that bad – you could have consumed 1,000. And, you were walking around 6 Flags, so I’m betting you burned the calories consumed quicker than spit. 🙂


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