Catching a Wave

I’ve noticed something about my personal style.  It is comfort driven.

I think that’s bad and I’m pretty certain Stacey and Clinton would agree, but I am almost ok with being bad and perhaps the slightest bit boring.  I think.

I don’t get into belts and clasps and things that need to be kept straight and secure.

I wear a lot of a cotton.

That may lump me into the style category called “Retirement Home Fashion”, but I’m pretty sure I’d have to add more polyester to my closet in order to play shuffleboard with the old folks.  Then again, maybe not.

I really like shuffleboard.

Either way, I’ve noticed that I gravitate toward simple and clearance.  Basically, I buy the clothes no one else wants to wear.

Surfer Shirt Old NavyJeans:  Target, Shirt:  Old Navy, Shoes:  Famous Footwear

Yup, that’s me being a dork.  Since my shirt said Wave Rider, I figured I’d strike my best surfer pose.  Obviously I would get crashed under the first swell and eaten by a shark, but I didn’t have to worry about sharks in my aunt’s kitchen.  Just dogs.

I guess I’m going with the beach theme this week.  In my head, I’m living out my dream of owning  a beach house and going swimming everyday.

Who needs reality anyway?  Imagination is much more fun.

Shirt and Skirt (which I adore): Old Navy,  Shoes:  Same as Above

Now head on over to The Pleated Poppy and see what everyone else wore this week.  I’m still traveling, so I only have two photos.  You’ve already seen everything else I have with me.

What’s your style?  Have you noticed any wardrobe trends hiding in your closet?


14 thoughts on “Catching a Wave

  1. berryprose

    Comfort driven? Yeah that sounds very familiar! I like your style. (The blue is so summery and yes very beachy) Me, I could seriously live in jeans every day. Jeans, a tee and nice boots (or sandals in summer)

  2. Miriam

    Love the colour of the skirt and I laughed so much at your comment you want to wear what no-one else wants. I find a bargain very hard to pass up

  3. Missindeedy

    I think you rocked that wave surfer tee out! Looking great – the vacation eating hasn’t done you in one bit, lady. I’m all about the stretchy cotton too. Better for the waistband expansion program I’m on. 😉

  4. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl

    Yep, comfort first and foremost!!! Used to be more fashionable when I was younger, skinnier and worked. But now it hurts my feet to even put on a pair of heels!!! Jeans and tee shirts or capris and tee shirts work just fine.

  5. Sara

    Right now I’m wearing home made cut-off jean shorts and a cheap t-shirt from New Orleans that says, “Make Levees, Not War”. So, I’m going to go with “clearance” style as well!! When work starts next week I’ll wear capris and skirts until it gets cold, and then I have a pair of corduroy pants for each day of the week! 🙂

  6. Shannon

    Haha sounds like we have similar styles! It just pains me to pay more than a few bucks for a Tee shirt. Especially since I’m home most of he time, gardening cleaning or playing with my kids.


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