Hello Monday, Hello Devil in my Front Door

vintage looking owl planter

Hello Monday full of work.

There’s a lot of noise going on in my basement.  It’s a shame I will never see the lovely job FringeMan is doing down there, because I do not go in our basement, under any circumstances.  It is that scary.

Hello Devil that came in my front door.

Since Slippy’s passing, Fringeboy has been on the hunt for a snake.  I am against this idea, but his father thinks it is fine for a boy to have slithery pets.  I remember the garden though, and I do mean the first garden, as in Eden.  Snakes are nothing but trouble.  My only consolation is that we will probably kill it in no time at all.

Call me heartless, call me Eve, just do not call me if the snake gets loose.

Hello last days of summer.

I am not ready for you to end, so I am hanging on tight, determined to believe there are a lot of good times left before school starts.

I’ll admit though, the other night when I had to go find my sweatshirt, it felt a lot like fall, a lot like we should be chopping wood and picking apples.

I am just not ready.  Not yet.


What are you saying “Hello” to this Monday?

I’m linking with Lisa Leonard and saying Hello to Monday.  Join us!


4 thoughts on “Hello Monday, Hello Devil in my Front Door

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