Before & After Weight Loss

Since I’ve blabbed about my diet for the past four months, I decided to do a little before and after.  Now don’t go getting too excited.  I only lost twenty-six pounds and I didn’t actually take a “Before” or “After”; however, thanks to What I Wore Wednesday, I now have more lousy photographs of myself than I had from the past thirty-five years combined.

Oh, wait.  That’s twenty-five years.  Ya, twenty-five.

Sometimes I forget I’m not that old, but then my daughter reminds me I am only twenty-nine.  One day she’ll stop believing, but until then, I am going to keep right on enjoying my twenties.

Back to the diet.  It all began around May first.  I’m not good with dates, but we went to Georgia for Easter and my sister-in-law took these family photos.  She was kind enough to shave a few inches off of me here and there (God bless you creators of Photoshop), but I actually saw the photos before they were airbrushed. (I’m sure airbrushed is not the correct technical term, but since I am not cool enough for Photoshop, who cares?)

Suddenly I had a dawn of realization – I need to lose weight.

I was uncomfortable in my skin.  I knew that, but I hadn’t seen it until those photos.

So I came home and went on a diet.  The word “diet” is up for debate nowadays, but that’s what counting calories is, a diet.  I drastically cut back my calories, started making better food choices, and got off my butt.  It’s really that simple.  Like most things in life, I made weight loss more difficult than it is.   It is a lot of work, but the concept of how you get from point A to point B is pretty straight forward.

For the most part it’s simply saying no to the chocolate cake and yes to the banana.

Is it easy?  No stinkin’ way!

But it is simple?  Yes.  In theory anyway.  Just ask Weight Watchers.

When we went on this road tour the last couple of weeks I really thought I had gained five pounds back, but God saw fit to answer my prayers.

“Please don’t let this ice-cream go to my hips; please don’t let this ice-cream go to my hips; please don’t let this ice-cream go to my hips.”

You get the idea.  I’m pretty sure God was tired of me praying without ceasing.

So by some miracle of metabolic enormity, I did not gain any weight.  I did fall out of the exercise habit though, so I have to get back at it.  I feel better, stronger when I exercise.

Like I said, I lost twenty-six pounds.  That puts me at the very top of the “normal” weight for my height.  You know how they give a weight range for your height?  Well, I am one kiddie cone away from toppling off the scale.

My goal is to lose another 7-10 pounds.  That will give me a buffer zone.  I mean, let’s face it, I’m eating the Christmas cookies.  No sense in lying.

These are the pictures I scrounged up for a before and after.  Not the same clothes, but similar colors.  Some days I just don’t feel like I’ve lost much weight, but my clothes are telling a different story.

I went from a size 14 jeans to a size 10.

weight loss twenty-five poundsDo you have some weight loss goals you’ve reached or are working to reach?

How is your journey going?

Do you have any good tips to share with the rest of us that are still trying to reach our goal?

P.S.  I am not judging any other woman’s body or jeans size.  Please, please understand that.  We all have a place where we are comfortable with our weight and I was not at that place for a long time.  The only reason I am sharing is to try an encourage someone else.  It also helps keep me accountable, because twenty-six pounds is not that difficult to put back on.  You know what I mean?


23 thoughts on “Before & After Weight Loss

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  2. ladyofthemanse

    Yay for you! You look great! I had a minimum of 18 pounds to lose (doesn’t look like much, but small/petite words describe me), and I’m 13-14 fluctuating, on the way. I seem to have plateaued a bit, but I am still exercising and trying. But I’ve been craving desserts again, now that the weather is cooler. Think I need to lose a few more so I have some cushion–for the occasional dessert. I don’t want the weight to be easy off, easy on.

  3. Missindeedy

    Fantastic! Keep at it sister. 19 down, 16 to go for me. Eat less, move more. Simple, yes indeedy. Easy? Not a chance. Gotta change habits bit by bit. You are an inspiration! Keep sharing with us – pictures are so encouraging when you realize that there WILL be a reward for all of your hard work. Between that and praying without ceasing, it’s a win/win!

  4. Shannon

    That is great! I’ve been a longtime lurker and when you posted that one on the right I was actually thinking, wow, she looks fantastic! Like I was saying in my post, I love WW, I always thought it was silly before I got started, but I’m understanding food in a new way. Now down 8.5 pounds 🙂 Yes, “diet” is just what you eat. I’ve had to adjust my diet with some rules, and honestly I was not raised with rules for eating. I feel much better now.

  5. RebeccaV

    Thanks for sharing this – very inspiring! I have about the same amount to get rid of and have only recently embarked on the eating better and exercising method. I like the idea of making it a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix. It was so encouraging to hear from someone else with success – congrats!

  6. Jessie @ Dream & Differ

    You look amazing! Congratulations on the weight loss! It’s something I cannot seem to achieve. I’ve been in denial about the 10 pounds I’ve put on over the last few years, but my jeans won’t let me hide any more. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Piglet in Portugal

    Wow you look absolutely stunning! Well done you. I’ve been on so many diets I could write a whole book on it.
    I cut out bread, potatoes and dairy or several weeks, lost weight and felt great. I even created a healthy eating blog… Gradually I got back into bad habits all the wight went back on and more. I pressed the self destruct button.
    Well done again!

  8. apronheadlilly

    Good job! I am having such a tough time. Argh. Menopause has not been kind. But I keep trying. Bummer is you see results in the negative every time you blow it. So unfair.

  9. momfog

    You are awesome! Losing weight is not easy. I should know. I’ve also been on a diet for about 4 months, which I went on after seeing some less than flattering photos of myself and I’ve lost 25 pounds. How weird is that? Unfortunately, I have a lot more to lose, but now I know I can do it so yay me! Yay us!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I use Similar to the fitnesspal. I don’t log everything everyday, but I use it to track how many calories I should be eating everyday in order to reach my goal. I also track weight lost, measurements, and stuff like that. Very cool tools, so helpful.


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