The Good, The Bad, & The Friday

The Good.

I’m feeling extremely blessed today.

You see, I was able to go grocery shopping – like go and get everything we need, including shower cleaner, all in one week.  That almost never happens.  We live in an economically depressed area and work has been worse than slow.

The truth is FringeMan and I have applied for every single job that has come open; however, we seem to be unhirable.  Maybe it is because I make up words like unhirable, but I doubt it.  A large vocabulary is not necessary to work at a gas station.

At any rate, we have work right now and I am thankful for the opportunity to buy everything from grapes to Scrubbing Bubbles.  It is a blessing.

The Bad.

While we were away down south, someone broke into our garage and stole our chainsaw and some of FringeMan’s electrical stock.  It is a bummer.  We just bought the chainsaw last year, and since we heat mainly with wood, we use it often.

Crime is definitely on the rise in our area.  Desperate times they say.

If it comes down to it, FringeMan will have to sleep on the porch with his shotgun.  I’ll sleep on the couch with my phone and we’ll get those no-good thieving scumbags.

That may have been harsh.

Truth is I wish people would just ask for help instead of stealing.  I would rather give someone money or food than have them take my things.

Once when my husband was pastoring a church in Maine, someone was messing with us.  Nearly every night they would break into our car.  They would not steal.  That is what made it so personal and creepy.  They would move the car seats from the back to the front, take everything out of the glove box, and leave the door open, but they would never take anything.

It made us crazy.

Then they crossed the line and went from simple psycho to evil villain.  They slashed our tires.  All four of them.

So we did what every good American, take the law into our own hands, kind of person would do. We booby trapped the car.

FringeMan rigged the vehicle to flood lights and a bell.  Then we strung fishing line and cans all around the property.  We were determined to catch our intruder, MacGyver style.

Sure enough, in the dark of the night, we awoke to the sound of clanking cans and bad words a plenty.  By the time we flipped on the lights, ran downstairs, and out of the house, our villain had taken off.

The bad guy got away.

FringeMan vowed to sleep in the car, but it was over.  The insanity ended that night with a few tin cans and a string of bad words.

So watch out world.  We fight back!

The Friday.

Sunshine and swimming – it’s going to be a good day.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend.

What has your “Good”, “Bad”, and “Friday” been like?



7 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, & The Friday

  1. berryprose

    Wow thats terrible. I am sorry you got broken into. And apparently I now can say I have corresponded with the real live macGyver family. Friday is good and shopping too. We spend a long time in the car. Drove to Northern Pa and went hiking along this Grand Canyon PA. You will see a post along sometime in the next few weeks. When I get up to blogging 🙂

  2. Deanna

    I used to work at a daycare and we were in this little practical joke war with some co-workers. A friend and I took all the balls out of the ball pit and loaded one of their cars with them. That’s the only car vandalism story I have…and we helped her take them all out. It was a lot of work for a few laughs. haha I’m sorry you have had to experience the bad stuff, but so glad you were able to buy the things you need. Keep believing…God is good. All the time.

  3. Shannon

    You are surely counting your blessings. Hope things turn around for you soon!
    That is CRAZY that you booby trapped your car! I couldn’t agree more about asking for help rather than turning to extreme means. I think you have inspired me to actually write a paragraph or two today.

  4. Amber

    Yay!! Groceries and cleaning supplies. I know how this feels. I never realized the value of having a good job until I really needed one. So sorry someone stole expensive tools. I know that has got to scare you guys.

  5. laura

    I’m sorry about your loss. I had an apartment broken into once. They took my laptop, but the worst part was that violated/invaded feeling.
    I hope your chainsaw returns to you and that you can all sleep soundly at night. Maybe you’ll have to booby-trap the garage door ?!

    Glad you have scrubbing bubbles again 🙂


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