A Popping Good Secret

I have loved popcorn for as long as I can remember, and when I say love, I mean an arrow shoots me through the heart and causes me to salivate every time I smell a kernel go pop.  Butter makes it extra yummy-delicious.

When we were kids, my mom had one of those groovy air poppers, but that must have died a good thirty years ago.  Then the microwave was introduced and has been filling us with cancer, one quick reheat at a time.  I thought microwave popcorn was the best invention since the automobile, but recently I read that the chemical butter flavor leads to Alzheimer’s disease.

In my family all kinds of things lead to the old-age crazies, not just chemically engineered butter, so I try to avoid known triggers – long lines in the grocery store, whining children, bad drivers, the woman who pops her gum in church for a full twenty minutes, and the cashier that asks me if I really want to use the coupon I just handed her.

No, not really.  Those things do not lead to old-age crazies, they lead to young-age crazies.

Anyway, I should cite the article that said microwave popcorn butter is bad, but that would take more effort than I can muster at eleven-fifteen p.m.  You see my son built a bonfire in the metal outdoor fireplace thingy he plucked out of someone’s trash last night and now I smell like smoke and have residue from burned marshmallows on my lips.  I just cannot be bothered finding articles that say chemicals kill you.  It’s no surprise really.  Now, is it?

I am here to share a secret.

No more bad fake butter.

No more expensive bagged popcorn.

You can make microwave popcorn yourself!

All you need is a paper bag (the kind we old people packed our school lunch in), some kernels of popcorn, and a microwave.  So stinking simple!!!
I should have thought of it a long time ago, but I am just not that smart.

homemade microwave popcorn

Last night my son was begging me to make brownies.  The boxes of mix were on sale last week for a dollar, so I did what any good penny-pinching, chocolate loving mother would do, I stocked up.  Here’s the thing though, I am on a diet.  Still.  And if I made the brownies, I would have to be on a diet until next year.  Not cool.

So I got an idea.  I was sure I once read, probably on the back of a cereal box, that you could pop regular popcorn in the microwave.  I dug in the back of the cabinets and produced a container with a few kernels left, just enough.

We sprinkled a couple of tablespoons (I don’t know how much) into a paper bag and folded it up. Then we stuck it in the microwave for a few minutes, until all the popping stopped, and we got microwave popcorn!

bag of microwave popcorn healthy diy

It worked perfectly!

We just sprinkled a little salt on it and ate up.  Well, we may have melted a teaspoon of butter too, but it was butter from a cow and not from a chemical factory.  That’s gotta count for something.


Hello, you’re supposed to be agreeing with me!

DIY healthy popcornAnyway, you’ve gotta try it and let me know how you like it.



8 thoughts on “A Popping Good Secret

  1. muddledmom

    Yes, we have absolutely done this! I love it. And you’re right, that fake butter stuff is so nasty (even though it tastes so good). I think what I use is 3 tablespoons of kernels in the brown paper bag.

  2. omega57

    Rigth! I must try this because my girls like microwave popcorn better. I think it is the ease and the flavors. So adding the butter… personnally I like my old fashioned Weaver popper given to me by my kids last Christmas.


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