Not-So-Cool Girl

Did you hear?

I am up for a blog award.  Yup.  That’s right.  Little ole me is about to be crowned the “Not-so-Cool Girl” in blogland.

It’s an honor really, because I have been working up to this for my entire life.  Reality says I am just not that cool.  Try as I might to change perception.

And this week, this not-so-cool girl is about to show you a whole bunch of lame outfit photos.  That’s right!  I bet you can’t wait.  Some of them are even so blurry, you’ll think you’re getting a migraine.  Hold off before popping those Triptans.  It is just another week of What I Wore Wednesday, goober style.

Outfit 1:  Fall Casual with Scarf

This is my favorite of the outfits, despite the painful expression on my face.

Fall Fashion - scarf with jeans and bootsjeans t-shirt & scarf for fall

T-shirt: $2 discount place, Jeans: Old Navy, Scarf: Charming Charlies.

Problem: The jeans are boot cut and I had to shove all that fabric into those boots.  Not ideal, but I am working with what I have.

Upside:  I love my birdy scarf.

Charming Charlie bird scarf for fall

Outfit Two:  Dress with Boots

The next outfit looked better in person, at least that’s what I am telling myself.  It needed jewelry, but I was away and had packed when I had a migraine, so I gave nothing much thought.  I simply threw clothes in a bag.

Dress with boots Target for fall with Wide Belt

Dress:  Target (about 5 years ago), Belt: Charming Charlies, Boots: Target (last fall)

The Madonna belt is not the best, but again I am trying to work with what I have and I think it looked better than the sash that came with the dress.   I love wearing boots with dresses.  Do you?

Outfit 3: Thrifted Designer Skirt

Seychelles Shoes for Fall

Ignore the polka-dots on my legs.  It’s part of the not-so-cool girl thing.

Let’s talk about the shoes…I love them.  Pure love.  They aren’t the most comfortable shoes to wear if you need to walk or stand, but they look smashing when you are sitting for a long period of time and swinging your leg.

And the skirt?

My best thrift find in a long time.  It is Barneys of New York, an Italian size and everything!  I wasn’t sure if it would fit when I saw an Italian size 42 (I have no clue what that means in English), but I took a chance and it’s perfect.

Barneys of New York Skirt Thrifted

Skirt:  Barneys of New York THRIFTED, Shoes: Seychelles, Shirt: Gap, Bracelet: Francesca’s, Belt: Charming Charlies.

It needed a belt.  It looked better with than without the belt.

Back-to-School Fashion Show

This next idea I totally stole from Lemonade Makin’ Mama.

back to school fashion showI had my daughter try on all her fall outfits and we did a little fashion show.  This way she’ll know what matches what, because mornings can get a little wonky in my house and FringeKid has a fierce miss-matched style.

I don’t know where she gets it from.

FYI:  I did not leave the house in pajama pants, no makeup, and a hypnotic shirt.  I promise.  Well, I did wear the hypnotic shirt, but definitely not with those pants.

Now, I am over at An Army of Ermas sharing my BBQ recipe.  Go visit!

And if you aren’t sick of me yet…

I also brought my not-so-cool self over to Portugal the other day.  Go visit me there!

Fashion Friday link up

P.S. The “Not-So-Cool” blog award does not exist, but if it did, I’d be a good contender. 😉


31 thoughts on “Not-So-Cool Girl

  1. Alissa

    I love that scarf! Love it.

    And the rest of the outfits, for that matter.

    I love finding any way possible to include boots into my outfit. Pants, skirts, dresses, whatev. They’re the one item in my shoe wardrobe that are consistently both functional *and* fashionable. So they get the most play, by far!

  2. Pingback: Adjustments « the domestic fringe

  3. Meredith Garrett

    I found you through your comment on The Polka-Dotty Place (comments work, right??), so I stopped by. You look so skinny in those dresses!! And you say you eat too many M&Ms!! 🙂

    I invite you to swing by my blog – A Penny For A Thought (named after
    my children’s book). God Bless, Meredith

  4. julee

    Those Seychelle shoes make me want to go swing dancing! What a find on the skirt, too!

    I’m sure you’ve seen the tutorials for turning your bootcut jeans into skinny jeans. You know, if you didn’t ever want to wear them as bootcut jeans ever again. I keep saying I’m going to try it…someday…

  5. Daenel (@DaenelT)

    Omg! Where do I start? OK, love the boots (I think I have a similar pair, do they have a brass buckle on the side?). And those shoes! Yes, please. Tucking bootcuts into boots does hurt. A lot. Like a real lot. Like so much that I say I’m gonna buy skinny jeans and never do a lot but someday I really will.

  6. Missindeedy

    In that last “mismatched” picture, you look like you are 13. You have some seriously amazing “keep-looking-young” genes. And, yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re called.

    Love the Tarjay dress and boots in the middle pic. The belt pulls it together really nicely. Madonna belt or not. Great idea helping kiddos figure out what goes with what. Mornings go so much smoother that way. Definitely stealing that idea in about 3 years!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Missindeedy, I love you! I’d take 23, but 13? I love it. Heck, if I am honest, I’ll even take 33.

      You know, I thought it was a good organizational tool for my daughter too, but she ignored every outfit and wore some miss-matched job this morning. Go figure!

      Now, please excuse me while I go enjoy my new-found youth.

      1. muddledmom

        They are so pretty and I LOVE color. I always just have black, gray, black because I’m so practical. Last year I made myself buy color. I think having to buy cute little girl clothes has made me think, “Why don’t they make this in my size?” So I am really loving all this color that’s out right now. I nearly bought a pair of orange jeans today from Target. I did not. I chose a much more subdued green, not olive. I can’t think of what it is but it’s so unlike me. I hope I am brave enough to wear them. This will be the first time I am kind of trendy. Of course, I’ll blow it with the top. 😉


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