Summer’s Last Hoorah

Warning: Heavy on photos.  Allow a moment to load.

As the last day of summer vacation approached, I told FringeMan I wanted to do something special for the kids – summer’s last hoorah.

shaving cream

We decided on shaving cream wars.  So I baked a bunch of brownies, sent a plate over to the neighbors as sort of a “my kids are about to destroy the neighborhood and possibly your house, but can we still be friends” bribe.

home baked chewy fudge brownies

Only one other child showed up.

What?  I am giving away brownies and shaving cream!!!

So we waited and waited for the other kids to come.

And then we could wait no longer.

Let the 2012 Shaving Creme Wars commence.

shaving cream wars

smiley face

The war is over.  A peace treaty has been signed.  Another summer gone by.

Shaving cream wars are a great party idea for tweens.  They are fun, messy, and inexpensive – a win-win for all.

How did you mark the end of summer?


12 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Hoorah

  1. Jen @ Cuddles and Chaos

    Love this idea! My daughter’s birthday is in the summer and she wants to invite the girls AND the boys from her class this year. If that’s gonna happen, I need something cheap, easy and something they can do outside. This might just work!

  2. Missindeedy

    Ah, shaving cream. One of the best way to spend a buck 85, that I know of! We spent the last day of summer playing hooky (Shhh!) from school and at the beach up in Maine. Everyone was greatly blessed and profoundly tired by the end of the day.

  3. Carrie Rubin

    My kids would think you were the coolest mom ever for that one. And I know they would have shown up. Well, the 12 year old would have. The 15 year old would probably think he’s to cool for that now. But he’d definitely devour the brownies!


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