I snoozed my alarm clock three times this morning.

I should be more ashamed than I am, but I have always been honest with you here.  I never once pretended to like mornings.  Before 10 a.m., I am no better than a sluggard with sand her eyes.

Today is day three of back-to-school.  If it were not for the grace of God working through my bladder, my daughter would be late for school.  Not my son.  He is the responsible one who remembers to set his alarm clock.  Unfortunately, his mama forgets sometimes.  Today was one of those times.It was five o’clock, even the sun had enough sense to be sleeping, but I had to go to the bathroom.  I already tried rolling over and ignoring it, but no such luck.  The tinkle bug bit.  I plodded down the stairs.  I’ve always wanted to pad down the stairs, but I have the gait of a gorilla.  No amount of dieting will ever make me walk lighter.  So down I plodded, when it hit me.  IforgotTosetMyALARMclock!!!!!

You have never seen a girl thank Jesus more sincerely for a weak bladder.  Never.

FringeBoy on his first day of Seventh Grade.

My son (not to be confused with Jimmy Buffet’s son, despite the shirt) is in 7th Grade?  What???He is also taking advanced math this year.  Like, two years of math in one.

Please allow me a moment to speak to all my math teachers of old.

I have a kid that can do math!  I know you never dreamed miracles this big still happen, but clearly they do.  Don’t worry.  I have already informed him to get help in school.  No, I promise never to help him myself.  I love him too much to screw up his education.


The Girl Without The Math GeneNo, no.  You are absolutely right.  The world does not need to see me this early in the morning.  I apologize, but I felt I had to take the picture.  It seemed to be the good mom thing to do.

FringeKid on the first day of Fifth Grade.

When I walked into FringeKid’s room, she had this cute sign hanging on the hanger with her clothes.  I knew we had to use it in pictures.Speaking of pictures…Remember the photo shoot we did?  The one where we matched all her clothes in order to avoid morning miss-matches…It didn’t work.My daughter leaves a full hour after my son and my eyes are still closed.  You should have seen me when they required middle of the night feedings.  It wasn’t a happy time.We are, and by “we” I mean “me”, adjusting to back-to-school.


How about you?


9 thoughts on “Adjustments

  1. Amber

    Awww. They’re getting so big and grown. Cheers to your son for the math. I physically know no one who enjoys or is good with math. 🙂 Sometimes I think my bladder is a drug addict who’s addicted to the toilet. Of course all the iced tea I feed it doesn’t help. hehehehe

  2. Missindeedy

    LOLing that the big Pre School Clothes Match-Up of 2012 didn’t work out like you’d hoped. 🙂 And, I’m so right there with ya sister on the early morning thing. Bus comes at 7:15 here and That Are Early! I’m still not used to it. But, I have managed to get a steaming plate of Eggo waffles in front of elder child most mornings. WOOT!

  3. Laura

    I hit the snooze button for like, an hour. It’s horrible. Your pinterest picture speaks clearly of my life 🙂
    Those are great first day of school pictures! I’m glad they look so happy to be going to school!!

  4. Shannon

    Having both mine gone all day is just weird! Missing afternoons with my kindergartener but at least getting stuff done. My first week was harder; just paced the floor trying to get used to it.

  5. yalandarose

    don’t feel bad, my daughter almost missed school because i had her dressed and ready to drop her off at daycare, that was the quickest change and commute we ever made to school


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