Brought to You by The Letter “R”

Today is one of those days that leave me thinking I should get more sleep or drink more caffeine.  A little of  both would probably be beneficial.

That is why today’s post is brought to you by the letter “R” for “Random”.


First I want to put your nutritionally balanced minds at ease.  I learned to eat my vegetables.  I should have clarified that fact in Friday’s anniversary post about why I was afraid to marry FringeMan.  You see, eventually I had children, and children need to eat their veggies, but they won’t if their mama doesn’t.  So I do.  It’s really that simple.  I am now very fond green beans, especially if they are cooked with bacon and slivered almonds, but usually I just eat them with a little salt and pepper.  Brussle sprouts are still on the Do Not Eat list and zucchini is mixed into a bread batter with plenty of sugar and cinnamon.  That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God and the vegetable police.

I feel better now that we all understand each other.

This weekend I had a run-in with a box of hair dye.  I went very dark.  Now, my natural color is almost black, but it has been a long time since my hair was natural.  Unfortunately natural means gray these days, so I try and keep it colored or at least highlighted.  That’s female talk for camouflage.

A few months ago, yes a few months now, two separate women flat-out told me I needed to color my hair, and yet I procrastinated.  I tried to pass it off as an “ombre” look, but no-one was buying the fact that my grown-out roots were a fashion trend.  So I colored my hair.

Then I posted, as per request, a photo on facebook.  Turns out everyone loves dark hair.  I received so many compliments, I am thinking of totally changing the color every single month.  It is a boost to the self-esteem.  You know?  I wonder what they will say when I accidentally turn it green, because eventually catastrophes happen when you are paying $4.99 for a box of hair dye.

Revlon Dark Mahogony Brown Hair color



I decided to try my hand at art.

Make no mistake, I am not living under the false pretense that I have talent.  I do not have talent and I know it, but that doesn’t stop me.  If I had talent, there is no telling what I would do.  God knew what he was doing when he created me with a handicap, as in a lack of skill handicap, otherwise I may be tempted to paint murals of surfing chickens on the sides of my house.  Imagine the commotion that would cause in my neighborhood.  So, yes, it is better that me and my talent-less self sticks to painting internationally famous dancing cows and now a canvas or maybe three (but one is really bad, so it doesn’t count).

One of these days I am going to take Jennie Oliver’s mixed media art class.  How fun would that be!?!

Mixed Media art

I am calling this one Starburst.  I thought about calling it Flowerburst, but I have a soft spot in my hear for Starburst candies, so Starburst it is.  I hope that’s not infringing on any copyright rules, but I doubt the candy company feels threatened by my grown-up finger painting.

Mixed Media Starburst PaintingGranted, these look a little more Picasso and a little less Pre-K at one o’clock in the morning, but I am still pretty pleased.

This one is Polka-Dot Flower Power, although it should probably be called Measles in the Summertime.  It’s all interpretation anyway.  Right?

And the flower is not so crazy shaky in person.  I don’t know why my photo is like that, but my kids are hanging over my shoulder exclaiming over how weird this picture looks. So…chalk it up to my mad photography skills.  They are right up there with my painting skills.


blog button 31 Days of Living by FaithI should be working on writing 31 Days of Living by Faith instead of stealing my kid’s art supplies and making a mess, but I seem to be more Martha Stewart and less Rick Warren this week.  Go figure!


What about you?  Try anything new lately??


10 thoughts on “Brought to You by The Letter “R”

  1. Daenel (@DaenelT)

    OK, love the hair color. I just went dark for winter too. A burgundy brown… It used to be called “Chocolate Cherry”, I have no idea what it’s called now but I love it. And that art? Yes, lady, you do have talent!

  2. Cheryl

    Hands up to your paintings! I can´t draw,(not even a straight line with a ruler!) and so I´m quite envious of people who can paint really good and that includes you. As for the hair, when my friends start to ask me if I had highlights put on my hair, that´s the time I reach for the bottle. 😉

  3. jodalamode

    I love your starburst painting! I hear you on the hair dye thing… I’m still in procrastinating stage but am just waiting for someone to comment – I know it’s coming!

  4. Mariah

    I sewed a purse tonight. It’s been a while. I liked it, but it leads to a sore back and tired eyes… Either way, got a cute purse to give as a present now! And I think I like the starburst picture best. And I could go for some candies. Just for the record.


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