Hello Monday, Hello Fall

American Flag in cemetary with Cross

Hello Monday.

Are you sure you only have 24 hours, because my to-do list is really, really long today.  I want to do it all, but we’ll see.  I would settle for a almost all.

Hello Early Fall.

I love you.  Mostly because I love boots and I can wear my boots every single day if I want.  I also love pumpkins and hot drinks and pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer.

Some days I want you to stay forever, but I know I will love you less and less as the days pass.  It’s not you really, it’s the season you usher in.  If it were just you, I would most certainly love you forever.

Vintage Owl on Etsy

Hello Little Owl.

Are you as in love with owls as I am?

I just cannot help myself.  I am happy to report that this little vintage mama owl hugging her babies is now available in The Fringe Shop.

A matching sugar & creamer set is also available.  They are so cute I want to keep them, but alas, I need their adorableness for my shop.

Hello 31 Days of Living by Faith.

blog button 31 Days of Living by FaithOh, my word!  I am freaking out a little.  Who came up with the idea of writing 31 Days of Living by Faith anyway?

Laura.  That is who.

It’s OK Laura.  I needed the push, so thank you.  I mean it.

As for writing it and living it, I am doing my best friends.  You’ll forgive me for the rest, won’t you?

31 Days of Living by Faith – Here in ONE WEEK!

Grab a button and join us in October.

Lisa Leonard is hosting Hello Monday.  Go say Hi!


5 thoughts on “Hello Monday, Hello Fall

  1. Gloria Thomas

    I LOVE this page already and I`ve only just begun to check it out . There`s so much here I`ld like to check out . LOVE your comments about fall , One of my favorite seasons …next to Spring ! IT`s all about the fresh air , and beautiful new color for me . Whether it be the new flowers of spring , or our brillant colored leaves here in MAINE ! LOVE IT !

  2. robelyn

    I ADORE this post!!! AND your boots (and referencing the boots post – your stuff is always as killer as you were in your dream… and as killer as those leopard print heels sound… so keep writing your “stuff”.) and the owl? AUGH! She is adorable cute!!!

    Fall? I think I’ve heard of that season before.. never lived it though. LOL

    Happy Monday!


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