31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 8 – A Ten Thousand Dollar Prayer

“I am praying for ten thousand dollars.”  My husband said.

“Don’t you think that is an extravagant request?”  I asked.

“Absolutely not.  We are working hard, doing God’s will, we are obedient to His leading and we really need ten thousand dollars.  So, I am praying for it.”

My husband was praying for the ten thousand dollars.  I was not.  For some reason, I think it is perfectly fine to have faith for groceries, but not for cold, hard cash.

Every day my husband came home and asked, “Did my ten thousand dollars come?”

“Nope!”  I said this in the same way I say “I told you so.”

One day I walked outside and found a loaf of hard, crusty Italian bread laying on the lawn.  It had no wrapper or packaging.  It was just a loaf of bread.

When my husband came home and asked about his ten thousand dollars, I said, “We didn’t get any money, but I found some manna from heaven sitting out on the lawn.”

We told no one about this prayer.  No one knew we needed ten thousand dollars, not a soul, only the two of us.  As far as every other person in our lives knew, we were doing just fine.

Then someone invited my husband to lunch.  During this lunch, the man looked at my husband and said, “I invited you out to give you ten thousand dollars.”

My husband was not even surprised, because he was praying.

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. ~ Matthew 21:22

I was shocked.

Now, I don’t want everyone bombarding heaven with requests for ten thousand dollars.  God did not withdraw a stack of one hundred dollar bills from the ATM this morning.

I simply want you to know God provides.

He could have provided us with an extra job that paid ten thousand dollars, but He chose to give us cash.  Maybe God was sending me a message.  He can do any thing He wants.

I can’t explain God’s ways.  I just know He loves us.

Elijah called down fire from heaven in 2 Kings 1:10.

Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still in Joshua 10:1-15.

King Hezekiah asked God to extend his life in 2 Kings 20:5-6.

God performs miracles.  He is the same as He was in the days of Elija or Joshua or King Hezekiah.


11 thoughts on “31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 8 – A Ten Thousand Dollar Prayer

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  2. Victoria

    That’s awesome that G-d did that. Also awesome that the song quoted in your graphic was playing as I read this post. Totally unplanned by me. Thank you G-d for conspiring with Pandora. 🙂

  3. Sheaffer

    Hi! I’m reading and leaving a comment on your blog for the first time after seeing you comment on mine a couple of times. What an AWESOME message of faith and trust! God listened (as he always does) and he answered (as he always does)!

  4. Laura

    I think it’s cool that your hubby was so confident even while you weren’t. God blessed both of you in different ways with that request – rock on!

  5. Mom

    The highlight of yesterday’s message was FAITH! God just wants us to be faithful to Him. Thanks for sharing, my dear daughter.

  6. Danielle Contreras

    Wow thats amazing! Praise God. We have a sun stand still prayer too. Part of it has been answeres by God allowing us to rent the store front locale for BE STRONG ministries. Our sun stand still prayer is for the floor, and front facade in order to open with all the right permits. We are functioning but so much still must be done. God answers in miraculous ways.


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