31 Days of Living by Faith – Day 10 – A Dream Come True

I had a dream.

Now don’t go thinking I am getting all cooky on you, because I am not.  My dreams are the result of an overactive imagination and fifty milligrams of Benadryl before bed.

I mean, the other day I dreamed I was a college professor who was also an accomplice to murder.  The only good thing in the dream is that I was well-dressed, wearing high-heeled leopard print shoes and a pencil skirt.

If you are going to help kill someone in your dreams, at least imagine yourself in leopard print heels.  Trust me.

Once I had a dream that our car died.  Normally I would blow it off as another act of my imagination, but not this morning.  I was convinced, beyond doubt, that God let me know our car was going to die.

Sound crazy?  Of course it does.  My husband told me I was crazy.  He said, “There’s nothing wrong with our car. It was just a dream.  Forget about it.”

But I couldn’t.  I was overwhelmed in my spirit that our car was going to die.

I wasn’t upset or freaking out.  Sure it was our only car.  Sure my husband was in Bible school and we had two babies and no other way to get to school, work, church, the grocery store, etc.  None of it mattered.  Our car was going to die and God told me.

This news almost made me giddy.

We had gone through trial after trial, bad circumstances time and again, and we never had a bit of warning.  We simply had to hold on to our faith and weather the storm, but this time, this time I got a little warning.

I have no idea why God chose to let me in on this little secret.  Maybe he knew I would lose my ever-loving mind if one more bad thing happened.  A mind is a fragile thing you know, especially if it is my mind.

There are times that God requires faith without sight and there are times that God gives you a little insight, so you can have a meaty faith.

In Acts, Peter says, “And the Spirit bade me go with them, nothing doubting.”  (Acts 11:12a)

I was not going anywhere; however, I felt a tiny bit like Peter, because when it came to our car, I was not doubting.  I had a meaty faith – faith we would lose our car.

Still my husband insisted our car was perfectly fine.

A few nights after this dream of mine, we got a phone call.  My sister-in-law’s auntie was getting old and could no longer drive, so she wanted to give her car to us.

“Praise God!”  My husband said and quickly bought a bus ticket to Michigan in order to retrieve said car.  He planned the trip about two weeks out.

“Now we’ll have two cars and our lives will be so much easier.”  He said.

Sometimes I am like the dark rain-cloud on a sunny day.  I wish I were not.

“When has God ever allowed us to have two cars?”  I asked.

Since our first baby came along, we have been a one car family.  It is a terrible pain that requires one of us to drop the other off so we can work, shop, or bring the kids to school.  Through the years, there have been so many drop-off scenarios that our heads spin.  For some reason, one vehicle has been our lot in life.  We learned to deal with it.

During these years of Bible college, my husband was often gone at night.  Some nights he had classes, others he was preaching in halfway houses, street rescue missions, and prisons.  I don’t know where he was going on this night, but he kissed me goodbye and walked out the door.

Fifteen minutes later he was walking back in the door soaked with sweat.  We lived in the panhandle of Florida and a hundred percent humidity was the norm.

I looked at him and got excited inside.  “What happened?”

He shook his head in disbelief.  “The car died.  I had to walk back home.”

I felt like doing the dance of joy, a la the 80’s hit TV show Perfect Strangers; however, we had no car and I had to be a little bit sympathetic to my husband.  I simply jumped up and down, clapping my hands saying “I told you.  I told you!”

Ya, faith-based gloating.  I do not recommend it.

God bless my husband.  He is a trooper.  Nothing stops him.  He simply said he would fix the car, a task that required a whole new transmission.  So over the next couple of days, he went to the junkyard and found a new transmission.  The entire guts, engine – whatever it’s called, had to be removed in order to make this repair.  When he finally got it all back together, it didn’t work.  His mechanic friend told him the part was bad.  He needed another.

Only he couldn’t get one just yet.

Come back tomorrow to find out how God’s timing is perfect (depending on how you view a natural disaster).  Yes, folks – a dream and a natural disaster.  The fate of our car hangs in the balance.

To be continued.


8 thoughts on “31 Days of Living by Faith – Day 10 – A Dream Come True

  1. Missindeedy

    I get goosebumps thinking about how you heard God’s forewarning and how you listened and just believed it to be truth. And, I so appreciate that your husband wasn’t willing to throw in the towel just yet with your “soon-to-be-dead car”. 🙂 Ha – got a big giggle out of the “fragile mind – especially mine” line. 🙂

  2. Laura

    ok, I’m cheating because I read part 2 first, lol.
    I’m glad God gave you meaty faith and let you in on the secret. I think sometimes he tests our faith like that…you could have doubted the dream. I will pray that your will always have 1 fully functioning (air conditioned) car and that you’ll always be content with it. 🙂

    1. Laura

      ps,. we had a car whose engine would ignite when our prayer life waned. God told Garv that if he didn’t spend more time in prayer he would like a fire under his butt. God has a sense of humour! Our car would routinely smoke and sometimes even flame – the mechanic could find no reason and I realized this was the fire under our butts

    2. FringeGirl Post author

      Thank you Laura. Pray hard. Our current vehicle is on its way out and has NO AC, but we already made it through summer, so AC isn’t an issue for the next 9 months. 😉 I should actually take a picture of our car. It would be good for a laugh. The front passenger side door does not open anymore. I have to slide all the way in and out through the drivers side. I guess it’s not so bad, because it wouldn’t close for a while. I actually held it closed a few times and that’s not always easy. 😉

  3. Jessie @ Dream & Differ

    I think the well-dressed-college-professor-murder-mystery sounds like a novel in the making! I’d read anything that included a pair of “killer” heels!

    I laughed out loud at your “faith-based gloating”! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


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