31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 19 – Everyday Faith

blog button 31 Days of Living by FaithWelcome to 31 Days of Living by Faith.  To begin reading at Day 1, click HERE and scroll down.

I am delighted you have joined us.

Today’s guest is Sarah from Life in the Parsonage.

Welcome Sarah!


For the past several weeks I’ve been racking my brain for the best possible story of faith to share with you lovelies. 

And then, after I wore my brain out, I decided to seek after God, knowing He’s going to remind me of that really great time when I lost all hope and then He came through.   Or I saw no possible way someone could change, and then they did.  Or when I felt like giving up or in and I came to the end of myself and there He was.  Or when I looked at circumstances and thought there was no way out,  and then He was there restoring, providing.

And my mind flooded with memories because all of those things have happened.

Some of the memories are huge and significant.  Most, are small and none the less miraculous.   And that’s when He hit me with it.  His miracles show up biggest, in my every day, messed-up-self.

I collided with Jesus when I was almost 15 years old.  Prior to that, we were pretty good acquaintances.

My parents made sure we were at church and Sunday school on a regular basis, and then sent me to parochial school to boot.   And just like any acquaintance, I put up with Him.  You know the kind…where you’re polite and you tolerate them but really you’re just faking it because they’re not really you’re friend.  Acquaintances are such weird relationships.  They’re kind of a lot of work for what they give you…which is basically nothing.  So, in all my Jr. High maturity I decided nothing was better than something.

And I quit God.  Or at least confirmation, and at the time it was basically the same thing.

I was quite proud of myself and my passive aggressive way of being independent.   I decided it was my life and we were going to do it my way.  “You can’t make me” became my theme.

And it was in that rebellious attitude that God did the miraculous.

He showed me, through a group of believers, that  He wouldn’t make me do anything.  I had a choice.   I could choose to put my faith in Him, or I could choose to put my faith in me.  But not both.  And that’s when I began my journey of faith.  He messed with all the preconceived ideas I had of Him, and He replaced them with truth from His Word.

Each and every day, from the moment my feet hit the floor, until I crash into bed at night, my life is lived on faith.  Literally.  My husband is a pastor.  I lead our Ladies Bible Study, and mid-week children’s ministry…and I don’t do it because it’s expected of me, or because it makes God happier with me (it doesn’t) but I do it because I know, with every fabric of my being that this God of the Bible is the real deal.

I know who I was prior to running into Jesus.  I remember the inside ugliness so clearly.  And after trusting Him, my heart changed.  My affections changed.

Life has not, however, been candy and roses since then.  And if you knew me, you’d know He has a lot of work yet to do in me.  But who I am, is not who I was.

Everyday faith.  It means living for something bigger than myself.  Bigger than this moment and this life.

It means that my life, my choices, my attitude, my response, my everything does not belong to me.

That’s what makes faith so hard.

Every day I fight against wanting it to be about me.  And I often find myself reaching for control of it.  And that’s the miraculous part of it:  He always gives grace.  And mercy.  He never grows weary of me.  He knows my weakness, and He works within it, showing Himself.   This journey of faith has blessed me beyond anything my  Jr. High self could dream up.

That is my Living by Faith.

Sarah is a wife to Ben who also happens to be the pastor of a sweet little church in a tiny little town.   Mama to four of the loveliest  hooligans around. They live in the parsonage, 27 steps from said little church.  You can join the craziness at www.lifeintheparsonage.blogspot.com .   Be warned:  It involves run on sentences, made up words and large doses of caffeinated reality.


3 thoughts on “31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 19 – Everyday Faith

  1. Missindeedy

    “He wouldn’t make me do anything…”. Your journey of faith was sounds like a wooing that resonates with my own. So enjoyed this piece of writing. Thank you for sharing!


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