Give A Hoot – Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Irregular Choice clutch & Dr. Martin BootsI’m taking a little break from 31 Days of Living by Faith.  No worries, the regularly scheduled post for Day 24 will go live later in the day, so come back.  There are more amazing things to discuss

fall fashion and statement pieces accessoriesToday I am talking about accessorizing with statement pieces.

It’s no secret I am drawn to unusual and fun accessories.  I just cannot help myself.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with cuteness.

Irregular choice purse - style with accessoriesI enjoy using fun accessories.

  • They make an ordinary outfit special.
  • They give you the “put-together” look.
  • They can be daring in small, tolerable doses.
  • They add pops of color to a neutral pallet.
  • They are just plain fun.

Irregular Choice trendy owl purseTake away the cute owl clutch and scarf and we are left with jeans and a t-shirt.  I mean, cardigans are mostly for old men.

Think about it.

My grandpa and Mr. Rogers wore cardigans, but they never had cute accessories.  Accessories make all the difference.  Don’t you agree?

Simply Be Irregular Choice owl clutch EnglandI have already been stopped several times by women who love my owl clutch.  My husband just shakes his head.  The adorable owl clutch is from Simply Be.

Simply Be sells everything from lingerie to exercise equipment, but I think two of their departments are really more of specialty shops.  They have a diverse plus size clothing department that offers classic pieces and trendy styles in a variety of sizes, and they have a wonderful shoe department.  Many of their shoes are available in wide widths.  They also carry wide leg boots for those of us with a more athletic *cough* calf.

They are the UK’s leading home shopping company, but they also have a warehouse in the US for easy shipping.

My owl clutch came from overseas and I think it makes it that much more special.

I am linking to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday.  Go visit for more fashion inspiration.

My outfit: Boots – Dr. Martin Engineer Boots, Twill Pants (jeggings) – Kohl’s, T-shirt – local shop (only $2 because it’s defected), Sweater – Target, Scarf – Charming Charlies, Irregular Choice Owl Clutch – Simply Be

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I am not a fashionista.  I am an ordinary woman who likes to wear more than yoga pants and an old sweatshirt, at least between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM.  After that, it’s pajama heaven with a fluffy pink robe on top. 😉

In Other News:

Bullying is always a hot topic, especially if you have children.  Teach them to defend themselves early in life, because second grade playground problems may not be very important, but one day soon those same children will be seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen.  Their problems will transform from snowball squabbles to decisions that can alter their future.  The sound of a little girl’s voice may just save her from a lifetime of sorrow.

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27 thoughts on “Give A Hoot – Accessorize with Statement Pieces

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  2. Jessi

    Love your scarf and that ADORABLE bag!! I have a similar scarf with birds but in pink and it’s one of my favorites. Sometimes accessories make the biggest difference!


  3. Danielle Contreras

    Hey girl! Love it!,you look so great. You must be feeling great too! On Oct 24, 2012 12:30 PM, “the domestic fringe” wrote: > > FringeGirl posted: “I’m taking a little break from 31 Days of Living by Faith. No worries, the regularly scheduled post for Day 24 will go live later in the day, so come back. There are more amazing things to discuss Today I am talking about accessorizing with stateme” >

  4. Janae

    Accessories MAKE an outfit! I love the way you put it into perspective – take away the scarf and purse and you have a grandpa sweater, jeans and a T! Those boots RAWK!

  5. free penny press

    Cute, cute outfit.. I have tons of sweater cardigans (it’s so chilly in my office) they really can turn an ordinary outfit to a sassy one (like yours). Oh my Mother would love that bag as she collected Owls..Very cute!


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