31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 25 – Faith for a Country Music Song

It was the kind of week country music songs are made of.

Our refrigerator quit working.

Our one week old puppy died.

Our truck was sold.

And, our car got wrecked.

If that does not make you pick up a guitar and wipe a tear from your eye, you have no heart.

Sure our refrigerator with a chrome pull handle door was fashionable in 1950, and the real miracle is that it ran for fifty-something years, but who cares?  It chilled the cream for our coffee.

We only had a week with our little puppy, but my ten month son sure did like him, and the little fureball warmed my feet every time I sat down.  I cried real tears in the veterinarian’s office the day they put her to sleep.

The truck had to go.  We could no longer afford the payments.  Saying goodbye was more difficult for my husband than it was for me.

The car was a big surprise.

My husband left for work one icy Maine morning.  He took my car, the only vehicle left, and I waved goodbye through the window on our front door.  Fifteen minutes later a police car pulled into my driveway and my husband got out.

I thought he must have done something real bad to be riding in the back of a cop car, but it couldn’t be that bad.  He was only gone for fifteen minutes, and he was being dropped off at home, not the county jail.

A woman ran a stop sign at an unusual intersection.  She never saw my husband coming beyond the snow banks.  They hit head on.  The airbag saved my husband’s life.  He forgot to wear his seatbelt that morning.

This woman who ran the stop sign had no insurance.

Because our car had high mileage, our insurance company did not completely pay off our loan.  We were left careless and in debt.

Not the greatest place to be unless you live in Nashville and can carry a tune.

Clearly, it was not our week.

Friends of ours let us borrow one of their vehicles for the weekend.  On the way to church Sunday morning, we talked about what we were going to do.  We tried to hatch a plan that would solve all of our problems and bring world peace, but we were weary and emotionally spent.  We had no plan.

When we got to church, I walked my son into the nursery, unraveling his scarf and plucking off mittens as we went.  My husband slid into a pew and saved me a spot.  A woman was already sitting in the pew.  She turned toward my husband and asked, “You wouldn’t know a family in need of a car, would you?”

She hurried on to explain, “I just got a new minivan and I have this old Volkswagen Jetta that I would like to give to a family who needed a car.”

My husband shook the shock off his face.

“Are you serious?”

“Ya, I don’t need two cars.  What would I do with the other one?”

“Did you know our car just got wrecked?”  My husband asked.


She had no idea, but God had a plan all worked out for us.

You can’t play a country music song backwards and get the dog, the girl, and the truck, but we got back the car.

Living by Faith is understanding God already hatched a plan.  Sit back and enjoy the ride, because it may be a wild one.


10 thoughts on “31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 25 – Faith for a Country Music Song

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  2. amphomma

    Awesome! I have seen God’s faithfulness in surprising ways…and I am reminded to trust him with every detail. So glad you have a car and that your husband is all right!

  3. admin

    God is so good! It never surprises him that we have a need. He always makes provision for us. All he asks is for us to trust and believe him. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Missindeedy

    I had to reread this twice to make sure it was *you* and not a guest poster. The 10 month old son threw me. 🙂 Love that you reiterated that it’s a wild ride. Oh boy! Is it ever! And… that God already has a plan “hatched”. Loved this reminder that as many plans as we can make, the Lord always always directs the steps. Thank you!!


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