Ghosts of Halloween Past

First things first:  I am praying for all those affected by Sandy and I hope you are too.

I know what it is like to live through a hurricane.  I know it changes life, forever for some people.  Even simple tasks can be difficult after a giant storm. The hard work of cleanup and rebuilding does not just blow over when the newscasters find something new to discuss.  It is long, hard work.  My thoughts are with you all and my prayers are for you.

Since today is Halloween, I am sharing some ghosts from Halloweens past.  We love any excuse to be goofy.

halloween costumesThis year my son made his own costume.  He worked for the money to buy the fabric, then he cut out the costume and sewed it on the machines in school.  Start to finish, it is all his handiwork.

I am very proud of his accomplishment and can’t wait to take pictures.

My husband and I never plan out a costume for ourselves, but in the hours and minutes before trick-or-treating, we usually get bit by the goofy bug and do something ridiculous.

Last year my zombie face was quite the surprise for FringeMan.  He didn’t know if he should kiss me hello or run for his life.

family halloween photoThis one is from a few years back.  I thought about using it as our Christmas card photo.

mohawk costumeFrom my house to yours, I hope you all have some safe, spooky fun tonight.

Happy Halloween.

Linking to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “Ghosts of Halloween Past

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  2. abozza

    Love it! Totally digging the hair!!! I think it’s AWESOME that your son made his own costume! Love that kind of ingenuity. 🙂 We’re working very hard to get in the Halloween spirit, despite the fact it has been postponed indefinitely for those of us in NJ. My boys are wearing their costumes outside, as they pick up sticks and branches in the yard. We’ll be carving our pumpkins later and snuggling up for some Halloween kids movies. It’s our favorite holiday and this is our second year in a row with it being cancelled due to weather. We’re happy to be safe and will continue to pick up the pieces and help those around us do the same.


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