American Girls

My mom, my daughter, and I went to an American Girl Doll fashion show this weekend.  We had so much fun.

American Girl Doll EventWhat could be better than girls, dolls and fashion?

on line at American Girl Doll showGirls, doll, fashion, and Grandmas!  That’s what’s better.

Upstate New York Cerebral PalsyThis event was a fundraiser for Upstate New York’s Cerebral Palsy, so it was fun for a good cause.

Turning Stone New York American Girl DollThe room was so pretty, so much nicer than my pictures show.  I apologize for all the blurry, grainy pictures.  I know everyone apologizes for lousy photos, but I have been trying to take better pictures lately.  Unfortunately, my camera is dying a slow, painful death and I will use it until the very end.

Bitty Twins American Girl DollEach table was decorated with a harvest type of  centerpiece and a big bouquet of balloons.  Because Upstate New York Cerebral Palsy uses therapeutic riding lessons to help children, the horse theme was prominent.

Tables had pumpkins and children’s riding hats, along with old black and white photographs of horses.  My daughter, the horse lover, could not have been happier.

Julie an American Girl Doll 1974Meet Julie, my favorite American Girl Doll.  I guess I feel a connection to her because she was born in 1974, just one year before me.

I love her clothes and adore her bike.  I had a similar bicycle when I was a child, but my daughter loves her bed.  Can’t say I blame her.

Julie American Girl Doll BedMaybe I’ll surprise my daughter one day and hang beads all around her bed.  She would be so happy.

Molly an American Girl DollFringeKid has Molly, circa 1944, World War II.  Molly is a hand-me-down and we are so thankful for the sweet family who shared her with us.

A few years ago, the Bitty Twins also came to live in our house.  They sleep right through the night and never spit-up.  I can handle a few more sets of those kinds of twins.

Kaya American Girl Doll Fashion ShowDuring the fashion show, we learned all about the styles worn during each era.  It was so interesting to see how fashion has changed through the years.

Do you know that women stopped wearing corsets in America during the war?

They were able to make two battleships from the steal in women’s corsets.

I suppose good can sometimes come from war, because I would never have made it through life in a corset.  I cannot even wear skinny jeans or spanx.  I certainly can’t imagine lacing myself into a straight jacket every morning.

Fashion Show RunwayWe enjoyed a lovely meal, door prizes, raffles, and so much more.

I think this will have to become a yearly tradition, at least for a few more years.

FringeKid said she was very nervous to go to the fashion show, because she would have to act “fancy” the whole time.

I think she managed to pull off fancy.

If there’s ever an American Girl Doll event in your area, I would definitely recommend going, especially if it is a fundraiser for a worthy cause.

We had the best time.

Thank you American Girl Doll and Upstate New York’s Cerebral Palsy Association.

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9 thoughts on “American Girls

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  2. Amber

    How much fun!! I wish my daughter still loved dolls. Last Christmas at 12 she decided she did love toys after all and I got her some more but she never touched them. She is officially done with toys. 😦 Sad.

  3. Rachel

    Aww, that looks so fun! I think I’d have fun at an event like that, even as an adult! I still have the Samantha doll my parents gave me when I was 12–keeping her for my kids someday.

  4. Jessie @ Dream & Differ

    What a fun event! You girls look darling! My daughter and I are big fans of all-things-American Girl, so this would be right up our alley. My favorite historical doll is the now-retired Kirstin (gotta love a fellow Minnesotan). Plus, I remember reading her and Samantha’s books when I was in elementary school. I never had a doll, so now I live vicariously through my daughter… luckily, she lets me play with her dolls whenever I want! 😉


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