Poisoned Cake & 80’s T-Shirts


Source: bigredkitchen.com via Bee on Pinterest

You must try this pumpkin cake.  Don’t even think about it, just bake it.  I am pretty sure it counts as health food, especially with a whole can of pumpkin in the ingredient list.

Did I mention it only has two ingredients?


Original recipe HERE.

It’s like a Baking for Dummies recipe.  Do they even have a Baking for Dummies book?  I would buy it if it exists.

I made this pumpkin cake on Friday night when we had new friends over.  It was a very last minute decision.  I mean, they were due in an hour and I hadn’t really thought about dessert.

Generally I save experimental recipes for old friends, but desperate times, as they say.

Do you do this to your friends?  Use them as test dummies?

I think most of my friends hope they never make it to the category of old friends.  I’ll feed old friend almost anything.  It’s sad really.  I save all the tried and true recipes for “new” friends, because I would hate to kill someone on the first date.

The worst was when I fed an old friend lilac air freshener laced banana bread.  This friend’s husband might say the loaf of pumpkin bread that tasted like baking soda was worse, but she would definitely agree the air freshener bread took the cake.

I don’t want to relive the entire story (I am sure I told here one time or another), but let me just say, I may be the only person to ever ask poison control, “How much liquid lilac air freshener can you eat before it kills you?”

They weren’t even sure how to answer.  Can we really trust that Glade makes their entire ingredient list public?

At least we are still all alive.  Praise God.  It would terrible to admit I killed someone with a loaf of banana bread.

Never eat banana bread if it tastes like an oily bouquet of lilacs.  It’s my best advice.


I can’t read script when I am sleepy.  I blame it on this age of technology.  Aside from my signature, I am not even sure I can write anymore.  Period.  Script is especially difficult.

I should have followed my dream to become a doctor.  That was the dream I had before I dreamed of being a private investigator and driving a shiny red car.  I know I could have done a slam-down job of writing prescriptions no one can read.

Is “slam-down” something people even say?

I doubt it, but let’s move on.

Friday night, after having fun with new friends, I plodded up the stairs to bed and plucked a t-shirt from the pile sitting on my dresser.  It seemed the perfect (think laziest) nightwear.

Someone my mother works with gave me trash bags full of clothes.  I love hand-me-downs and really needed many of the items she sent. I am grateful every day I get dressed.

So I put on this t-shirt and said, “I’m wearing a Bon Jovi t-shirt to bed.”

FringeMan was already rolled in the blankets, and he half-turned, popping one eye open.

“That shirt says Bonjour, not Bon Jovi.  It’s French!”  Then he rolled back over and said, “Your age is showing, 80’s child.”

End of conversation.

I am linking to Lisa Leonard’s Hello Monday.  I am sure she never imagined Hello Monday would ever be reduced to french 80’s t-shirts and poisoned banana bread, but that’s what happens in my life.


9 thoughts on “Poisoned Cake & 80’s T-Shirts

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  2. Nancy@livininthegreen

    Ha ha! I used to test food on all my friends…I mean, I would wait and make a recipe for my friends when they would come over. Then again, I was a new cook and almost every recipe was new. I still want to do this and my husband always reminds me not too…Oh well! It goes to show us how much our friends love us if they are willing to eat our cooking! 🙂 Thanks for sharing…blessings!


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