WIWW: A Mixed Bag and Pinspiration

vintage hatI have my eye on this vintage hat.  It’s worth every penny of the $22.95 they are asking.  Don’t you think?

It’s What I Wore Wednesday time again and I am linking this post to The Pleated Poppy.  Either you hate Wednesdays on the Fringe or you love them.

If you hate them, come back tomorrow. There will be a book review on a most excellent book.

In case you missed what’s going on around here…

FringeMan and I made a Vlog yesterday.  Monday I talked about the easiest and most yummy fall recipe known to man (or woman).  Sunday I shared a page out of my grandfather’s World War II Journal, and on Saturday I gave you my easy home made bread recipe.

Last week my mom brought me a few trash bags full of clothes.  They came from a coworker’s cousin, and I’m not picky about where I get my clothes.  I’ll take whatever I can get my hands on and try to make pieces work together.

Most of the items were basics, like long sleeved t-shirts and workout clothes.  Yay!  Just what I needed.

No sarcasm involved.  I needed layering items, because it’s getting chilly in these parts.  I already talked about wearing layers upon layers last week.

Anyhow, I rooted through the clothes and went to Pinterest for some inspiration.

Source: gatherlove.tumblr.com via Tricia on Pinterest

This is my interpretation using what I already had in my closet.  The model does better, but that’s a given.

All black outfit with brown bootsThis is a very different look for me, because I don’t wear black.  I mean, I’ll put on a pair of black leggings, but that’s about it.

I think I freaked my family out.

Everything I am wearing is a hand me down – pants, t-shirt, button down shirt.  The head band is from my mom and the boots are Target.

workout gearIt’s unfortunate these workout clothes never saw one drop of sweat.  You’d think I would have gone running, or at least jumped up and down in place.  No Sirree.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

The entire outfit, including the sneakers: Hand-me-Down.

GAP maxi dress for winter - fashionI attempted to get a better photo, but my batteries died.  It’s a repeat outfit anyway.  I wore the dress HERE and the jacket with another outfit HERE.

Dress: Gap, T-shirt: Target, Jacket: Thrift, Bag: Macy’s, Boots: 6pm

Winter outfit - scarf and jacket GAP fashion thriftedJeans: Kohl’s, Shirt: Thrifted, Scarf: Etsy (several years ago), Jacket: Gap – Thrifted

So that’s what I wore this week.  I know it’s not 7 days worth, but I probably wore repeats on the other days and didn’t feel like getting my picture taken.  It’s one of the most awkward things I do – posing for a photo, not getting dressed.

How are you dressing these days?

Are you in a transitional season or is it full on summer or full on winter where you live?

REMINDER:  Pinterest Party on December 1st.  Visit Pinterest, get some “pinspiration”, and recreate something – an outfit, recipe, DIY project, whatever.  Blog about it and come link up on December 1st.  Hope you’ll join us here!


9 thoughts on “WIWW: A Mixed Bag and Pinspiration

  1. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl

    You always look great, but I love that outfit with the purple shirt. The color is great. I don’t do a lot of black either beyond a pair of slacks or a skirt, and I don’t wear skirts much these days. I actually think folks who are stuck in that black/gray rut are afraid of wearing colors. Can’t come up with any other explanation for it. And it gets real old to look at for me.

  2. myinvisiblecrown1

    I LOVE the last two outfits. You look super cute! And the yellow bag looks awesome with that dress and cute jacket. Score!

  3. Missindeedy

    Well, I LOVE the boots, a’course! 😉 How-some-evah, since it was 68 degrees two days ago and 38 degrees today, I’m having some technical difficulties choosing appropriate clothing each day. Welcome to New England! Don’t like the weather? Just wait a day… My favorite was the hat, by the way. Totally worth Every Penny!


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