Then The Phone Rang

It’s turning into one of those days.

I set the alarm clock today, on a Saturday.  There was much to do.

Laundry spilled from the hamper like a man in a barrel spills over Niagra Falls.  My house was dirty again.  It seems impossible a few tiny rooms can accumulate so much dirt while we sleep, but it happens.  It’s clean one minute and the next, it looks like a family of pigs invaded my home and decided to have a party.

I don’t understand.

Company was coming for dinner, a group of hungry hunters.  My husband promised them hot food.  He quit promising good food long ago.  Now all he can say is “It will be hot.”

I can do that.

Then my son falls sick, bitten by the same plague-like bug running through our school system.  It’s taking down the healthiest of children.  For the second time this fall, one of my kids has strep throat.  It’s a first.  The strep bug usually passes by our home.  I must have forgotten to paint the doorpost in Lysol.

I scrubbed the toilet, mopped the floors, swept away the spider’s webs, did the dishes, vacuumed the living room, even under the couch.  Oh, the things I found under the couch.

I baked a cake, peeled and cut apples for baking.  I made two pounds of macaroni and cheese, home-made.  The rest of dinner was just waiting on the small hand of the clock to turn…just a little more.

And the phone rang.

No company.

I cleaned under the couch for nothing.

Anyone want to risk a bug and come for dinner?


7 thoughts on “Then The Phone Rang

  1. Amber

    Oh rats! I always clean like a crazy person when I know company is coming too. Then afterwards I get to reap the benefit of a clean house. Hope the boy gets better!! I had strep throat so many times they took my tonsils! 🙂

  2. Tara

    That is a bummer! I have done that before. Cleaned the house until it was spotless and then something falls through and I did all that work for nothing. The only silver lining is that I have a really clean house.

  3. myinvisiblecrown1

    Oh I hate it when the party’s cancelled right when I get to the door!!! I’m sorry but hey, at least the house is clean until tomorrow! Just like at my house!

  4. amphomma

    That all sounds very much like something in our lives…maybe not the hunting, but definitely the strep and the quickly-messy house and the scramble to get everything done. I hope your family enjoyed the fruits of your labors, or even found someone with whom to share! Hope the strep bug passes quickly–this round of sickness was NOT strep for L., which was very odd! Now I’m sniffling and sneezing…yuck. Tis the season!


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