Movie Night: Pass the Popcorn – Santa Paws 2 Movie Review

My kids love movie night.  Grab a blanket and pass the popcorn please.  When we snuggle in tight, it’s family movie night.

The hard part is finding something good to watch, something we haven’t seen a hundred times.  It takes longer to pick the movie than it does to watch the movie.

My son likes anything with larger than life creatures, preferably ones with fangs.  My daughter likes animal movies.  If the sweet little critters are talking, she’s all set for an hour and a half.

I like the popcorn.

Recently we watched the Disney movie Santa Paws 2.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen part one, but it didn’t matter.  The North Pole had puppies, four to be exact – Hope, Charity, Jingle, and Noble – and these cute little fuzzballs proved more than the elves could handle.

The pups hitched a ride with Mrs. Claus, stowing away in Santa’s sleigh.  You see, Christmas spirit was waning on earth and Mrs. Claus was going to give a little town in Texas a big Ho-ho, or was that a Hoorah?  At any rate, without Christmas spirit, there would be no Christmas.

I would say Santa Paws 2 is geared toward children between four and nine years old.  My daughter loved it, watched it twice, and she’s ten; however, she’s partial to talking animals.  My son watched it once and thought it was a bit “dorky”, but then he’s almost thirteen.  Thirteen year-old boy’s opinions don’t count.

I like the Bright Sisters best.  Their outfits were adorable and I’m not ashamed to say, I want their coats.

If you have small children, I am sure they will love the movie.  With puppies and Christmas, it’s hard to go wrong.

Leave a comment and you can win one DVD of Santa Paws 2.  Be sure to include your email address.  Contest closes at Midnight November 20th.

Santa Paws 2 is available for purchase today, November 20th.  You and your children can go to to view a trailer, play games, and watch video clips.

Now, please pass the popcorn!

All opinions are my own (and my kids) and I was not paid to write this review.


9 thoughts on “Movie Night: Pass the Popcorn – Santa Paws 2 Movie Review

  1. sam

    was just googling to see what others thought of this. my miss 5 is obsessed. she watches it at least twice daily. i love sarah, adorable. and jingle lol super cute! my girl likes sarah best and hope, simply because they share the same name 🙂

  2. Gloria Thomas

    My great gandson , might be a little young yet , but hey Memere can save it for him , right ? Right now he is only almost 20 mos. old ..He loves Backyardigins !!

  3. DrFrood

    You say your son likes animal types with fangs and that he’s 13.

    If you’re willing to take suggestions, here’s one: the Twilight Saga. Now I know most boys think it’s lame, because it is, but most teenage girls would beg to differ. If he’s 13 it won’t be long before he discovers that girls are incredibly fascinating and wants to talk to them. If he can talk to them about Twilight he’ll get the drop on his rivals, who’ll mostly still be at the stage of pulling girls’ hair and being generally oafish.

    I only wish that Twilight had been around when I was 13 and that someone had had the wisdom to force me to watch it.

    Depending on the age of your daughter, she already knows all there is to know about Twilight. I think they pick it up by osmosis or some other esoteric natural process.

    For a less flippant suggestion, Christmas (IE July-January) is always a great time of year for kids films, so you should be spoilt for choice. If you haven’t seen it, Wall-E will impress both your son and your daughter, I guarentee it.

    Legal Disclaimer: not a guarantee

  4. Missindeedy

    This sounds precious! And, we too, take a Sweet Forever to pick out a movie. I think we’ve seen one or two particular movies approximately 200 times. Each. We do love to snuggle in for a good family movie night, though. And, I’m partial to the popcorn, myself. 😉


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