Advice for The Fashionably Challenged

In this life, there are those of us who can and those of us who cannot.

Some women have a natural flare for style and fashion; the rest of us stand in front of our closet and wonder why we have nothing to wear.

fashion, printed scarf

Here’s some good advice:

If you are fashionably challenged, find someone to be your fashion inspiration and emulate them.

Blogs are filled with fashion inspiration.  Ever hear of What I Wore Wednesday?  Hundreds of real women with real shapes and sizes link up to show off what they wore that week.  Many of them shop at stores you and I can afford – Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s, thrift shops.

If you don’t know what to wear, take some inspiration from a woman whose style you admire.

Lisa Leonard always looks chic and effortless.  I love her style and admire how she mixes color, patterns, and even thrifty pieces of clothing.  When I saw her outfit photo this past week, I knew I could remake it with items in my own closet.

fashion, style, printed jeansI used Lisa’s photo with permission.  You can see more photos of her outfit on her blog.

women's fashion, printed jeans

The bones of this outfit are printed pants, a solid shirt, denim jacket, and a scarf in a completely different print.

I don’t have any pretty winter shoes, so I opted for boots in my outfit, but the bones are the same.

Pants: Kohl’s ($8 clearance), Boots: Target (last year), Long-sleeve T-shirt: Hand-Me-Down, Denim Jacket: Thrifted, Scarf: Kohl’s.

So the next time you think you have nothing to wear, remember to find some inspiration from friends, family, or bloggers who know how to dress well, and then imitate them.  I’m pretty sure they won’t mind a bit.

Who is your fashion role model?

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28 thoughts on “Advice for The Fashionably Challenged

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  3. berryprose

    If only I was taller than a fourth grader I could find pants like that. Sooo cute. I love the look on you!! No seriously some of my daughter friends were taller than me last year.

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  6. The Shoestring Contessa

    You’re crazy! You are not fashionably challenged, my dear…or you never would’ve put this together!! You look fabulous!

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  8. amphomma

    Great ideas, and you wear the outfit well! I do not often buy bold prints, so mixing them would be way out of my comfort zone. This week I am wishing I had more long sleeved options but I also know better than to go overboard with sweaters here in south FL! I don’t like spending a lot on clothes, but I will splurge sometimes for special occasions. I look forward to checking out those two blogs you recommended in your post!

  9. Missindeedy

    You. You are my fashion inspiration, dear. And thank goodness I discovered you because then I’d still be wearing my chenille yoga pants. And I’m pretty sure everyone in my neighborhood thanks you for the end of that period. 🙂

    1. FringeGirl Post author

      Missindeedy, I’m afraid I must knock myself off that fashion inspiration pedestal. I wore a pair of chenille yoga pants all day yesterday. Brown ones. All day. In my defense, I did not leave the house, I was sick, and I did not buy them myself. Is that excuse enough?

  10. Sara

    Ummm…you look AWESOME!! I’m hoping, as I continue to slim down, that I’ll find a whole new wardrobe in my closet! 🙂 I think, for me, being fashionable is just about trying new things. I get so caught up in one look. I have five pairs of corduroy pants in my closet and three pairs of capris. When I find something I like, I stick with it. That’s great for things like marriage and friendships, but not so much with fashion!! 🙂

    1. FringeGirl Post author

      Yes, Sara. Sometimes I box myself in too. I prejudge things before I even try them on. When I do break out of my box, I am sometimes pleasantly surprised. Other times, I want to crawl under a rock and hide until the styles change, but those times pass. 😉


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