Gifts for The Lego Maniac

I wanted to title this post, Gifts for The Brick Head, but I wasn’t so sure all my readers without children would get that little joke.

I think it goes without saying, my son is obsessed with Legos.  Any time you ask him what he wants for Christmas, Legos are always in the top three things.  I gave an entire day of my life to organizing his bricks, and do you think they are still in their neat little bins?  Of course not.

You know what else?

Since my son is part of the Lego/Robotics club in school, most of his friends like Legos too, and that’s what they want for their birthday’s and Christmas.

Today I am going to help you with gift options for the Lego lovers in your life.  All of the following Lego images were pinned from  Debenhams offers a wide variety of clothing, gifts, and toys; however, I was of course drawn to the toys, and there are lots of fabulous toys my children would love.

Do you shop online?  As much as I love being in stores, shopping online makes it easy to buy gifts, especially Christmas gifts.  They are delivered to your door in brown packages and the children have no idea what’s inside.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

I thought this desk set was really cute. My son loves to draw almost as much as he loves Legos.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

This stationary set would also make a nice gift for the teacher who runs the Lego club.  I bet the kids in her class would love to get their notes on Lego stationary.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

Water bottles are also a nice gift.  I’m not sure how my children manage to break metal water bottles, but they do.  My daughter has already broken two since school began this year.

Need a stocking stuffer?

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

I think I’ll slip one of these pens into my son’s stocking.

Of course I cannot possibly ignore the holy grail of all Lego gifts, because Legos + Star Wars = One Happy Son.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

What’s on your Christmas list this year?  Have you already started your shopping?

Maybe there’s a child in your life.  I hope this post helps give you some ideas.  Enjoy your shopping!


6 thoughts on “Gifts for The Lego Maniac

  1. Ashley

    Ahhh Legos! My brothers had an awesome lego table when we were kids and my sister and I would sneak in there every once in a while to “play” – we would make houses with the legos and then bring our dolls in to live in them 🙂

  2. Windy Taylor

    My 9-year-old is OBSESSED with Legos. I got him a set of the mini-figures (on sale! on Amazon!) and am leaving the heavy Lego lifting to my mother, who is more than happy to buy the bajillion-piece sets and then watch him assemble them. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  3. Jessie @ Dream & Differ

    Awesome Lego gift ideas! I love that water bottle! I have a Lego-maniac too and I was just lecturing him about how it would be so much easier to build things if his bricks were organized. That organizing system you did is 18 different kinds of awesome!


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