Looking A Lot Like Christmas

I feel a little bit bad about making you look at photos of my Christmas tree.  I think it’s a lot like our parents making their friends look at slides of their family vacation.

Come to think of it, I make you look at vacation pictures too.  Oh, well. What’s a few torturous photos between friends?

White Christmas Tree @ The Domestic FringeI wanted a white Christmas tree forever.  Maybe just a little longer than forever.  FringeMan thinks they are odd, like so odd, they are freakish.  He thinks trees should be green.  Go figure.  He’s got no imagination at all.

About 3 years ago, we needed a tree and the white ones were cheapest.  The angels sang Hallelujah and I hauled it home as fast I could.

vintage Christmas tree topper @ The Domestic FringeFor the first few years we didn’t know how to top this tree.  Nothing seemed to fit her personality.  Why, yes, my tree does have a personality.  It’s a little psychotic, but a lot loveable.

Our old tree looked like Phyllis Diller, and when I tried the same look on this white tree, it was her worst hairdo yet; however, I eventually found this lovely vintage glass topper at a yard sale and it’s crowned her white plastic head ever since.

blue glitter Christmas ornament @ The Domestic FringeAre you the kind of person who decorates a color coordinated tree to go with your color coordinated house?

I’m not that person, but for years, I wanted to be.  I even tried to be once, but I just cannot stick to one color, look, or style.  I’m 100% hodgepodge.  I love colors, and glitters, and shapes, and randomness.  I can’t help myself.

clear glass Christmas ornament @ The Domestic Fringepink feather bird Christmas ornament @ The Domestic FringeOk, the hot pink feathered bird is a little wonky, but she has a chubby gold glitter body underneath all those feathers.  At $1.99, I think she is this year’s perfect addition to our tree.

vintage glass Christmas ornament @ The Domestic FringeOur collection is a mixture of vintage glass ornaments and dollar store junk.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

glitter ornaments @ The Domestic FringeSome days I feel like our tree looks like a junk store threw up on it, but somehow, that seems like a good thing.

vintage gold & silver glass ball ornament @ The Domestic Fringewhite peacock ornament @ The Domestic Fringesnowman ornament @ The Domestic FringeI would give you a Christmas tour of my house, but honestly, most of the decorating is on the tree.  We don’t go hog wild crazy and change everything in the house for Christmas.  We just sprinkle holiday cheer instead of gushing it on every flat surface.  Don’t get me wrong, I like gushing, but we are more of a sprinkle and ice-cream kind of family.

plush deer ornament @ The Domestic FringeSnoopy Christmas ornament @ The Domestic FringeEvery year my mother-in-law sends my kids an ornament and they love it.  They dig through the box looking for their special ornaments to hang on the tree.

Then they yell at each other for unwrapping the wrong ornament and a fight ensues, but it’s all glittery and gold in the light of a white tree.

I Love Lucy Ornament @ The Domestic FringeGift Box Ornament Dr. Suess Style @ The Domestic FringeYour eyes aren’t deceiving you.  That’s a bedsheet for a skirt – a little bit tacky, I know.

Glass Candy Ornament @ The Domestic FringeWill you ever find it in your heart to forgive me for so many silly pictures?

Now tell me about your tree.  Do you use ribbons, color schemes, beads, white lights or colored?  Real or artificial??

Linking to Thrifty Chick Decor and Musings of A Housewife. Also linking to Kimberly’s Korner.  Visit to see some gorgeous trees!


22 thoughts on “Looking A Lot Like Christmas

  1. Tracey

    We’re a “sprinkle” kind of family, too – and I have a Christmas blanket for a tree skirt!

    Love the look of your tree and how it all fits your personality! Have a merry Christmas!!

  2. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    Your tree is beautiful. I love the white; it’s retro and modern all at the same time.
    Our tree is plain old green and we load it up every year with an assortment of ornaments we’ve gathered over our 32 years of marriage. Nostalgia hits as I hang every ornament.

  3. Deb

    I like your white tree and the hodgepodge style of ornaments has always been my way, too. Lots of memories in many years of ornament collecting!

  4. The Illiterate Author

    I grew up in a hodge-podge tree home and I think that’s how it’ll always be in my house, too. It’s more fun that way! I love your white tree! If I didn’t love going and getting a live one every year, I’d probably try to talk Mike into getting one.

  5. markandnichole

    Love how you decorate things your way 🙂 All of your ornaments are fun. (Love the birdy & the peacock) I get way too OCD about decorating my house for the holidays. Most of our decorations have been hand me downs from my boyfriend’s mom. She’s as sweet as can be, but we have polar opposite home decorating tastes… POLAR opposite. I’ve spent the last two years trying to acquire my own Christmas decorations. That stuff is NOT cheap! So, slowly but surely, it’s all comin’ together. We have a huge fake green tree (my mom is allergic to pine & I’d feel guilty if she blew up when she came for a visit, & I am allergic to pine needles all over my pretty hardwood flooring). I like to decorate it in a victorian-era theme. Golds. Burgundies. Browns. Enchanting glass ornaments that look so pretty you are afraid to touch them. I scored some new Threshold winter placemats from Target the other day for my dining room table! At the same time, I also found a Star Wars Yoda ornament that I couldn’t pass up buying for my boyfriend. It won’t match my tree, but he’s happy 🙂

  6. rootietoot

    I really like your white tree. The colorful ornaments show up on it more than on a green one. Unfortunately my family (males all) would reject a white tree and I’d have to listen to their complaining. We decorate ours mostly with stuff the kids have made, or ornaments we bought on a trip…each one with some kind of memory attached to it. One day, I might have a fancy tree that is all perfect and stuff, but it will be in addition to th.e one we always have

  7. Vicki

    I love your tree!!!!! My favorite ornament was the white peacock. So pretty. Normally, our tree is a hodge podge as well. However, this year I missed a box of ornaments when I brought everything in from the garage. So this year we went with a blue and gold theme. I got a ton of large glittered snowflakes on clearance last year in blue and gold and it so happened that the bin I managed to bring in had only blue and gold bulbs. Add in some colored lights and gold garland and we are decorated!

    We also have some tacky light up deer that my son loves with his whole heart so they are hanging out around the tree too. 😉

  8. Missindeedy

    Wow! Two posts in one day! Love your tree. I actually think you totally rocked the white tree and am a tad jealous. Mostly because you actually have your tree up and decorated already. Favorite ornament is that pudgy hot pink birdy. We trade ornaments with my mom, too. The kids always look forward to it. I, do not. It’s always a character from their current favorite show – and it messes with my “theme” vibe. Alas… Someday, they’ll care how the tree looks, too, and then? I win! 😉


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