Pinterest Party #2December

So, today is December first, a tiny detail that somehow slipped my mind.  Wouldn’t be too bad if I wasn’t hosting a Pinterest Party on this blog, but I am.  I will continue hosting a Pinterest Party on the first of every month.  You may need to send me a monthly reminder, because I am a scatter-bran, but I’ll do my best to remember.

Now, let’s get this party started!

I’ve tried a whole bunch of stuff from Pinterest and so far, I’ve loved them all.  Unfortunately, I don’t have anything ready for my party today.  Bummer, I know.

Here are some projects that I really want to do in the near future.  Let’s call it a Pinspiration wish list.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

DIY bookends.  You take cheap plastic toys and glue them to a wooden block.  Then you spray paint them.  How cool is that?

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

I would also  love to make this starburst mirror.  I think it would look great in an entryway or bedroom.  I’m not sure where I would put mine, but I am confident I will find the perfect spot.

Now here a few projects I have recently completed.

A DIY Glitter Deer

Glitter Deer Silhouette finished DIY project

A Painted Wooden Sign

others make a place beautiful 3

Ok, now it’s your turn.

Go visit Pinterest and get some inspiration.  Then make a recipe, put together an outfit, complete a DIY project, or simply make a “TO DO” wish list like I did, and come back and link up your post.

The only thing I ask you to do is provide a link back to The Domestic Fringe somewhere in your post.

Please leave your link in the comments, because the programs used to host link carnivals do not work well with WordPress.  I hope to have this problem fixed within a month or two. Thank you and I hope you’ll understand.  I will be around to visit each and every post.

Enjoy your weekend!



5 thoughts on “Pinterest Party #2December

  1. free penny press

    Ok I’ll do that.. I’m still learning Pinterest but will do because you asked so nicely and it sounds like fun !!


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