Crazy Is As Crazy Does

crazy owl hat2

Apparently I need a team of psychotherapists, at least that’s what my family thinks.  Lucky for me, they volunteered to fill the position.

I delegated the job of kitchen clean-up duty to my children.  I decided it had been a long day and I was tired; therefore, my only job of the night would be to go to sleep early or watch television.

I should have gone right to sleep.  Instead I sat in front of the woodstove while my son spritzed the entire kitchen with water.  I’m not even sure the water was clean.  My daughter pranced around with a shoe untied and insisted on hugging me every twenty-four seconds no matter how many times I said I did not want to catch her cough.

Then my son took out the broom.  He almost poked my eye out.  Tonight I lived every mother’s fear and the most famous line of my brother’s favorite Christmas movie.

“You’ll poke your eye out.”

Then my husband plopped down next to me and asked my daughter if she had another animal hat.  Before I knew what was happening, an owl perched on my head and three loony members of this little family decided I needed therapy, starting tonight.

What I need is a clean kitchen and two Advil, but I try to humor them, so I put on the hat and decided I like it.  It actually muffles sound.

“Do you have a thicker hat?”  I yelled to my daughter.

This is my life – crazy recognizing crazy.

This crazy can tell she’ll have to clean the kitchen in the morning, but for now, she’s enjoying somewhat muffled silence and thinking about falling asleep on the couch.

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11 thoughts on “Crazy Is As Crazy Does

  1. flowerpatchfarmgirl

    stop the presses! Ruby has the mittens that match that hat. I really like the vibe you created…rock that owl hat, sister. You pull it off like only you could. 🙂

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  3. Diane Yuhas (@dyuhas62)

    Your family is a lot like mine was growing up. I had an aunt who used to put a (clean) toilet lid cover on her head & stick out her dentures to make them totally bucktoothed and then say things like “‘enry want a ‘otdog wit a mu-tard in da middow”. Yah. Silliness: it’s priceless.


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