Hand Me Downs & Remixing – WIWW

Contrary to popular belief, hand-me-downs are not just for children.

Recently I was blessed with a few trash bags full of clothes.  Some work for me and some don’t, but I’ve been trying to mix and match and work more and more pieces into my wardrobe.

So, this is what I wore this week.

If you are new around here, I don’t just  take pictures of myself, because I like how I look.  I document what I wear as motivation, not only to dress better, but also to just simply get dressed.  When you work at home, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of pj pants or yoga pants.  This helps us out of the rut.  I am joining hundreds of other women over on The Pleated Poppy in What I Wore Wednesday.  I am also linking to All Things Alissa for a bargainista link-up.

mixed prints - argyle sweater and polka dot shirt

This sweater came from a yard sale a few years ago. It’s not my favorite, but it works when it’s cold.  I paired it with a shimmery silver dot blouse from Kohl’s (about 5 years old), and a pair of twill pants.  These pants look like denim, but they are not.  They are much, much more comfortable.

This next outfit doesn’t really work for me at all.  I am wearing head to toe (except the necklace and shoes) hand-me-down.

black pants and vestI just don’t wear stuff like this.  It’s not me.  It’s perfectly acceptable to wear out and about, but I was uncomfortable all day.  I felt like another person, instead of myself.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep this vest or pass it on to someone else who may like it more.

What do you think?  Is there a better way to wear it?

button shirt & flower pants

Flowered pants?  Those are me.

Pants: Kohl’s ($8), Shirt & T-shirt: Hand-me-down, Shoes: Kmart

Flowered pants with gold shrugThe flowered pants make another appearance.  This time with a hand-me-down gold shrug.  I’m not at all sure I like the shrug.  (Shrug may not be the right term for this sweater thingy, but I don’t know what else to call it.)

I know I’m having a horrible hair day in this photo, but I think it’s more than that.  I just don’t generally wear vests of any kind.  I think that’s the problem.

printed maxi with chambray shirt and bootsSince it actually warmed up, I decided to pull out my favorite maxi dress and wear it as a skirt.  I am mixing it with a hand-me-down chambray shirt.

Maxi Dress:  Target

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an extensive wardrobe, so I remix pieces of clothing over and over again.  Here are a few ways I wear the same thing in a different way.  I thought it might help someone (maybe) to see how I mix things up.

Here’s my maxi-dress remix.  I suppose if I had a solid green or purple sweater, that would work too.

maxi dress remix

These really are one of my two favorite pants I own.  (Yes, the other pair are printed too!)

flowered pants remix

So, here’s my question:  If you are given a piece of clothing that is not necessarily your style, do you keep it or pass it on?



25 thoughts on “Hand Me Downs & Remixing – WIWW

  1. Priscila @ mommode

    Because of my constant travel and moving,I have to be ruthless. If a hand-me-down doesn’t work, it has to go. I love the printed pants, so many possibilities! I agree with you, the shrug thingy didn’t work, I don’t think you can make it work! 🙂 love the crochet handband, so cute!

  2. Ashley

    flowered pants for $8?! Amazing! It seems like you like dressing very colorfully, so maybe the vest outfit was just to dark colored for your personal tastes? I think the outfit was cute, but if you’re not going to wear the vest, I agree – pass it on! Hand-me-downs are awesome!

  3. Laura

    those floral pants warm my heart!! never changes sizes so you can always wear them!
    (but if you do, I can show you how to sew them into a purse)

  4. JennG

    My opinion, I like the first vest (the black one) better than the gold shrug. The black one gave you a better, cleaner line whereas the shrug seems to cut you off. All-in-all, very cute outfits.

  5. Diane Yuhas (@dyuhas62)

    One thing I can’t stand is stuff that sits around taking up space in my house. I’m ruthless, even in my closet. Anything that doesn’t suit my style is OTD (out the door). The only exception is the little suit I bought in Paris many moons and many, many pounds ago. Before that it was size 3 little red dress from Saks Fifth Ave in NY. Nowadays I’m a fan of J.Jill and Land’s End, but finances decree I make most of my purchases at Wal-Mart. It seems my size has an inverse relationship with the cost of my clothing.

  6. Tori Nelson

    You is cute, mama! I definitely struggle in the fashion department, so any hand-me-downs I get I pretty much assume were trendy or stylish at some point. That’s good enough for me!


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