Birthday Cake Shake

birthday cake shakeWe never set out to make traditions.  They just sorta happen.

Some families love tradition – the memories, the ritual, the thought of passing down something to another generation.  We just haven’t prioritized making traditions.  We’ve made lots of memories, but that’s about it.

Perhaps it’s because we’re not overly traditional.  I mean, FringeMan is more traditional than I am.  He insists we eat turkey every Thanksgiving; whereas I wouldn’t mind eating baked ravioli parmesan on our November holiday.

Despite the spontaneity and haphazardness of our lives, some traditions find us.

Getting a special treat after the Christmas program in school is a tradition.  It all began after my daughter’s first chorus concert.  We decided to stop at McDonald’s and get a milk shake.  She reminds us it’s something we do after every concert.

The other night after her performance I decided to make Birthday Cake Shakes.

I originally saw the recipe HERE, but tweaked it slightly to work for what I had in my cabinets.

You’ll need:  1/2 gallon vanilla ice-cream, one funfetti cake mix, and milk

In a blender combine the softened ice-cream, approximately half the bag of cake mix (or about one cup), and a splash of milk.  By splash I mean about 3/4 to one cup.

Blend away.

karo syrup and candy sprinkles

Lightly coat the rim of a glass (I used too much) with corn syrup and dip in a bowl of sprinkles.  It ups the fancy ante.

birthday cake shake with sprinklesEnjoy!  And try not to think about the calories.



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