My Dining Room Got A Face Lift

I don’t know what happened to me overnight, but I woke up purposed to give my dining room a face lift.

It might make sense if I dreamed of Martha Stewart or glue guns and Hobby Lobby, but I dreamed I was getting married.  Yes, FringeMan was the lucky groom.  Naturally after a night full of slumber and nuptials, I’d wake up ready tackle the world and my dining room.

And tackle the world I did.

DIY old map into home decorYou see this makeover needed to cost a whopping zero dollars and zero cents.  There’s no wiggle room in our budget, so I attempted to shop my house.  That’s not as easy as it sounds.  My attic is empty, as is my basement.  I have two closets.  Count them.  And, one is for the Christmas decorations, so it’s currently full of empty boxes.

I got desperate and entered the dark recesses of the laundry room.

Que up the spooky music.

It was there I found a map rolled up and sitting on a top shelf.  Then I found two circles of cardboard.

Covering the cardboard circles with the map made perfect sense.  The world is round.  It was an “Aha” moment.

DIY circle maps @ the domestic fringe

I kept looking because my space was too big for two circles, even if they were representing the entire world.  I needed a third circle.  I’ve heard people say to decorate in threes, besides, when appliances break, they go in threes.  Same principle.  I think.

The only circle I could find in the entire house was my placemat.  I hesitated, because if this didn’t work, I would ruin my entire set of four matching placemats.  Then I remembered I paid .59 cents a piece for them and felt like my home was worth risking .59 cents for.  I’m a real gambling gal.

I was also out of real estate with my map, but I had glitter a plenty, so I did what any two year old can do, I made a mess.

DIY collage wall

Turns out I kinda like it.  Once I got started hanging things, I realized I needed more, so I grabbed a blue bird my daughter created with a stencil and markers, but something was still missing, so I shopped my living room where I turned up these two framed postcards I bought in Maine a few years back.

blue bird - child art @ the domestic fringe

What do you think?  Does it work?

This is our fourth Christmas in this house and I’ve had blank dining room walls for all those years.  You see, I was waiting for the walls to get fixed and a floor to get laid before I decorated, but I am tired of waiting and I’m even more tired of white walls.

fromed sailboat postcard Maine

A wise woman once said, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

I’m choosing to believe her.

DIY home decor glitter deer and collage wall

Eventually the walls will get fixed, and we will lay a floor and paint the ceiling, but for now, I’m embracing the perfectly imperfect and filling up my walls.

Because we all know by the time that bathroom door gets properly trimmed out, it will be time to sell the house.



10 thoughts on “My Dining Room Got A Face Lift

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  2. Tori Nelson

    LOVE, especially near your glitter deer. You’re so clever and crafty, missy! Feel free to come on over to my house any time. You bring the glue gun. I’ll bring the snacks.


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