Prayers for Connecticut Families

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In this season of peace on earth, a Connecticut school experienced one of the worst tragedies imaginable.

I’m sad and questioning and mad that another school shooting took place today.  My heart is breaking for those families who lost their children.

We are helpless as we sit and watch the horror story unfolding.  Like you, I just want hold my kids tight and never let them go.

I am sad for the children who had to endure the fear and horror of this unbelievable tragedy.  No child should ever see their classmates killed.  That should not happen in our world.  It is unnecessary and the worst kind of evil.

In September, shortly after school began, my children’s schools had a lockdown, a real lockdown and not practice.  Someone was fighting with one of the mothers outside the elementary school.  They threatened to go into the school and hurt some children.

What is that?  How does a person’s mind even go there?

It is downright scary to realize there are sick people in our world, in our communities, in our workplaces, in our malls.  These tragedies touch us as a whole.  We stop and grieve and for those who have lost loved ones – children, mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers.  We hurt for them, and we bring them before the throne-room of grace and beg God to comfort them and bring them a measure of peace.  We weep with those who weep.

We pray harm never touches our family and then we go on.  The world spins round.

Maybe we can be more aware, engaged and present in our homes, communities, schools, and workplaces.  Maybe we can take a small step and reach out to those around us.  Maybe somehow we can get to these sick people before they tear a family apart and take a life.  Maybe we can make a difference right where we live.

But for now, let’s hold our kids tight and pray for those who mourn.


13 thoughts on “Prayers for Connecticut Families

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  3. Charming's Mama

    I’m speechless and heartbroken. Please don’t forget to pray for those in Oregon too, my niece works at that mall and was there to witness the horror. She is not in a very good place right now, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise.

  4. free penny press

    I have no words now only peaceful prayers for all involved as well as the assailants family. This is devastating for many.

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  7. Piglet in Portugal

    I watched the news with horro this evening and then cried as I thought of the waste of life and the heartache. I think of my own children and grandchildren and cannot even begin to comprehend the grief that these poor families must be going through right now.


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