Spreading Christmas Cheer & Easy Cake Recipe


I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard and saying hello to spreading some Christmas cheer and baking easy cakes, because who doesn’t like an easy day in the kitchen?

Christmas tree cake with M&M;s

If you don’t know your neighbors, or wish you knew that man with the snow blower two houses down, throw a Christmas party and invite everyone who lives around you.

You might get some funny looks at first, but everyone will have fun and you’ll get to know the people who live closest to you.

We decided to host a Dessert Party.  I threw everyone off with the name, but I needed to write something on my very fancy invitations – a 3×5 card.

I also had to let my neighbors know to eat something real before they came, because I was only giving them butter and sugar in their tastiest forms.

We originally wanted to host a buffet style dinner, but when you’re inviting twenty people, that gets pricy, so we slashed all the food and I baked a few cakes.

We had such a nice time, I think it may become a tradition.


Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling and Butter-Cream Frosting

Cake:  Use one box of vanilla cake mix, substituting the oil for one stick of melted butter and the water for equal amounts of milk.  Bake as directed on box.  In between cake layers, spread a thick coat of strawberry jam or preserves.  Frost.

Butter-Cream Frosting:  In a mixer combine two sticks softened butter  with one bag of powdered sugar, one teaspoon vanilla extract, and whipping cream (milk or 1/2 & 1/2 – I used 1/2 & 1/2).

Be sure to alternate powdered sugar and cream/milk.  Beat at a low speed until all the powdered sugar is incorporated. Slowly add cream until the desired consistency is reached.  You don’t want it runny, especially if you live in a warm area.  Also, make sure your cake is 100% cool before icing.

Tip:  Line the edges of your cake stand or plate with plastic wrap before you begin icing.  Just slip the plastic wrap right up to the edges of the cake.  This will allow you to be messy and still have a perfect edge around the cake after it is frosted.

I’m not great at cake decorating, so I took the easy way out and made an M&M tree.

You hosting any Christmas parties this year?



4 thoughts on “Spreading Christmas Cheer & Easy Cake Recipe

  1. free penny press

    Oh I do wish I were a good baker, especially this time of year. I am going to try my hand at some frosted sugar cookies 🙂


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