Trash -2- Treasure: DIY Pallet Wall Art

I told you about my dining room woes the other day when I woke up purposed to spread glitter and glue and freshen up our neglected dining space.  Well, one thing lead to another and the projects kept flowing.

Christmas salt shaker ornament

FringeMan even busted out the screw gun and wall mud.

I am convinced all projects would be left undone if we never had company.  Every single time we invite a whole crowd over, something else gets done.  If you’re just coming to dinner by yourself, as a couple, or one family, chances are not good for home improvement, but if you come as a pack, we’ll put on our tool belts and get to work.

There’s energy in numbers and apparently motivation too.

ornament salt and pepper shakerI originally said this mini-makeover was going to be cost free, and it almost was, but I splurged the big bucks and sacrificed $17 for the beauty of my dining room.

I had to make one of Edie’s pom-pom yarn wreaths.  I couldn’t help myself.  I cannot resist hanging shag on my wall.

Shag Wreat DIY Project

Edie’s little girls made her wreath and they did a better job than me.  Who knew there’s a science to creating yarn pom-poms.  I made four before I got the hang of it.  Now some places on my wreath look like they need a hair cut.  Oh, well.  I need a hair cut too.  We’ll both have to wait a while.

DIY Pallet Wall Art Christmas

I hung my new pom-pom wreath on a pallet my husband salvaged from a trash heap in front of a factory.  My husband intended to use it as kindling in our wood stove, but when I walked into the garage, I fell in love with those little wooden squares.

FringeMan looked at me sideways when I hauled it into the house, but I knew I could use it somewhere.

I had some leftover red paint from the table and slapped a coat on.  The boards are still rough cut and have little shards of hanging wood in places, but I decided to go with the raw look.  Besides, if you knew me, you’d know there’s no way in this world I would sand that whole entire pallet.

trash to treasure pallet wall art

I’m not sure what I’ll hang on the pallet after the holidays, but the options are about as many as my imagination will allow.

I thought about using it as a photo board, hanging the kids art from it, making one of those nifty fabric banners that are so popular, etc, etc.  I’ll have to wait for inspiration to hit me.

After glamming up the walls garbage picker style, we went out and bought a rug.  My husband cleaned out the garage and found two tools he bought for a very specific job.  The job changed and he never used these tools.  Since they weren’t common and he had no real practical use for them, we returned them and bought a cheapo rug.

dining room

We have big plans to put new flooring in our dining room, but we’ll have to throw a block party before that project gets done.

So what do you think?  Would you hang a wooden pallet on your wall?



10 thoughts on “Trash -2- Treasure: DIY Pallet Wall Art

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  4. Apple Hill Cottage

    I love that pallet. DON’T take it down. All the interior design mavens I know :-)) say rustic, textured wood is IN IN IN! Bring on the junk piles! Or better yet, make them and sell them in NYC.

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      Funny you should say that, because this weekend at my Christmas party, all the women were talking me into making wooden signs and selling them this summer. If it’s a really long, snowy winter, this summer may turn out to be very profitable. 😉

  5. dyuhas62

    Certainly I LOVE the pallet on the wall! My eyes are ever attracted to all things grid-like. I ADORE lines and squares and rectangles, simple and unencumbered. Your wreath and red paint are PERFECT. And I must say I am not fond of major sanding either. I took the doors off my kitchen cabinets to sand and paint them 3 months ago and they’re still sitting in my mudroom. Then again, you should see the lovely grid-lines created by the shelves and support bars…

    1. The Domestic Fringe Post author

      That’s the way to see the silver lining! I’m sure those cabinet doors will get done. Truth be told, I have a whole row of unpainted cabinets. They were installed last Thanksgiving…A YEAR AGO! No fabulous grid-lines either. 🙂


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